Coaching High School Soccer: Winning Tactics


Andre Botelho

I don’t know if you know this but communication is the most important element to succeed in coaching high school soccer. The actual meaning of coaching kids is the art of communicating with them. It lets you speak to mind in the simplest way and allow the other to do the activity in exactly the same way.

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In soccer coaching, I’ve come to notice that generally the former players have assumed the responsibility of being coaches. Even then they have to deal with many issues in coaching young players. The reason why many of these issues show up is the coach’s inability to communicate. Your role as a coach would become far easier if you just pay attention to some most important communication issues. Let me explain them to you one at a time. Coaches generally allow their emotions to become involved while watching their kids play. The coaches become spectators instead of adopting a critical approach to observing the kids. They fail to notice the important points that could better their team’s performance. The coaches fail to have an effective conversation that could help the players get to the winning post. The coaches are generally not trained to communicate effectively although they have all the knowledge of the game. For example; in soccer coaching, use of a video or a flip chart is not very common since most coaches don’t know about them. It’s important for the coach to know the game well but if he is unable to communicate his thoughts, the training gets repetitive. In coaching high school soccer, communication becomes all the more important because the kids start to understand the game quite well. They have been doing these soccer drills for some time but at different levels. And one of the ways to avoid the boredom of repeating important messages is to keep varying the format. The coaches have a tendency to just forget that training sessions are being executed by human beings and not machines. They tend to get carried away in the process of coaching and training. An example of ineffective communication by a coach is when he fails to use a player’s name while giving instructions which produces uncertainty. Some guiding principles for coaches in football coaching are given below: Every message coming from the coach carries equal importance. So ensure that they are understood completely and correctly. Your language should be positive enough to push the players to try hard to perform well. Let them become better players with every passing day rather than pointing out their weaknesses. Pay equal attention to each player in the team. It has come to light through various studies that coaches spend much more time with their top players (up to seven times more!). Don’t wait for the problems to arise to sort them out. Accentuate your player’s self worth by balancing praise with criticism. Tip the balance more towards praise with players in coaching high school soccer. Trust me. When you apply these rules to your training sessions, the benefits will be much more that you’ll expect. There’s lot more to know and understand about this aspect of soccer only if you wish to. You just have to subscribe to our youth soccer coaching community to get all the latest and relevant information pertaining to the game.

Andre Botelho is an expert in Coaching high school soccer. He influences over 35,000 youth coaches each year with his coaching philosophy, and makes it easy to explode your players’ skills and make training fun in record time. Download your free Coaching Youth Soccer guide at: Soccer Coaching.

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Friday, February 16, 2018

On Tuesday, the city council of Berkeley, California adopted by unanimous vote a resolution declaring their city a “sanctuary” for adult recreational cannabis use and sale. The resolution by the Berkeley council “declared [the City of Berkeley] to be a sanctuary for recreational cannabis customers, providers, and landlords.”

The resolution bars city employees including police from assisting federal law enforcement officials, namely the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, in enforcing federal laws relating to cannabis. The city’s measure includes protection for cannabis, but not other substances controlled and regulated by the federal government. California voters approved a referendum in 2016 that legalized cannabis production and sale in the state. That law took effect on January 1 this year.

The resolution was drafted by Mayor Jesse Arreguin and Councilmembers Ben Bartlett and Cheryl Davila.

While cannabis became legal for adults at least 21 years old under California state law, it remains a prohibited substance under the federal Controlled Substances Act. Under the U.S. Constitution, federal law is given supremacy to contradictory state and local law.

In 2008, the city previously declared itself a sanctuary city for medical cannabis, opposing federal officials seeking to shutter legal-in-California cannabis dispensaries.

In a tweet following the vote, the Berkeley mayor wrote, “In light of threats by Attorney General [Jeff] Sessions regarding a misguided crackdown on our democratic decision to legalize recreational cannabis, we have become what may be the first city in the country to declare ourselves a sanctuary city for cannabis.” The attorney general is the top federal law enforcement official in the U.S.

Last month, Sessions repealed a policy from the previous presidential administration providing legal shelter to states that legalized recreational cannabis. A January 4 memo from Sessions called for Justice Department prosecutors to enforce the federal ban on cannabis use and sale.

By another vote during the same meeting the city council reduced the sales tax on cannabis from 10 percent to 5 percent in a bid to draw more business.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The US-based Cessna Aircraft Company, a subsidiary of Textron Inc., is expected to statically display seven of its aircraft and a mock-up of its latest business jet large cabin concept at the 47th International Paris Air Show, dubbed the LCC.

The seven aircraft expected to be on display are the Citation CJ2+, Citation Encore+, Citation XLS, and Citation Sovereign business jets, a Grand Caravan, a 206 Stationair, and a 172 Skyhawk single engine piston aircraft.

Cessna Chairman, President and CEO Jack Pelton said of the exhibit, “There is so much synergy now with other companies under the Textron corporate banner – companies like Bell Helicopter and Textron Systems – that we felt it made sense for us to return as an exhibitor to the Paris Air Show… We are particularly excited to have our large cabin mockup as the highlight of our exhibit.”

Cessna originally announced plans for a new large model of business jet for the Citation range at last year’s annual National Business Aviation Association meeting, and the idea has been in development since, culminating in the new large cabin concept design. The mock-up at the Paris Air Show includes a large galley, seating for nine passengers, a toilet and a dummy flight deck.

Cessna claim the new design, which outsizes their previous large cabin and long-range business jets, would “set a new standard for performance, cabin comfort, passenger amenities and environmental friendliness,” if launched.

Cessna refuse to release details such as exact internal design specifications and manufacturers of avionics and engines unless the new model actually enters production. Cessna Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing Roger Whyte told reporters that preliminary wind tunnel testing had “fully met… expectations” and that they had “received extremely positive reaction to the performance parameters as well the cabin design of the proposed aircraft from our customer base”, although he warned that there are still a number of processes to be completed before Cessna actually decide whether or not to launch the new model.

See the discussion page for instructions on adding schools to this list and for an alphabetically arranged listing of schools.

Due to the damage by Hurricane Katrina and subsequent flooding, a number of colleges and universities in the New Orleans metropolitan area will not be able to hold classes for the fall 2005 semester. It is estimated that 75,000 to 100,000 students have been displaced. [1]. In response, institutions across the United States and Canada are offering late registration for displaced students so that their academic progress is not unduly delayed. Some are offering free or reduced admission to displaced students. At some universities, especially state universities, this offer is limited to residents of the area.


No one wants to think that they need dentures, no matter their age. If you take care of your teeth, you probably think they will last you throughout your life, but about 19 percent of women aged 40 and above wear partial or full dentures and those numbers are on the rise in Vestal NY and elsewhere. If you are experiencing certain signs, dentures may be in your near future. If not, consider revamping your dental routine and seeing a dentist soon to ward off the false teeth.

Six-Month Checkup

Most young, healthy adults don’t think they need their twice-yearly checkups with the dentist because they are in tip-top shape, and their mouths feel fine. However, many tooth and gum diseases can spring up silently and quickly without causing much pain. You may not think you have any tooth or gum problems, but they could still be lurking around the corner. Once you do experience symptoms, it is usually because the disease has advanced, which may lead to dentures or surgery as your only treatment options.

Gum Tenderness

If your gums are bleeding, swollen or tender, you could have gingivitis or a more severe periodontal disease. Gum disease is very common for Americans and can be the cause of 70 percent of your tooth loss. Just because you have gum disease, doesn’t mean your Vestal NY dentist is going to be fitting you for dentures any time soon, but it does mean that you must take extra precautions with your teeth to ensure they have a long and healthy life.

Loose Teeth

Just as you should check your body for abnormalities, you should also check your mouth. Tooth gaps aren’t necessarily a bad thing, though they can be caused by problems and look unsightly. If you find larger tooth gaps, shifting teeth or that your teeth are loose for no apparent reason, a dentist should check them out to find out what is going on and try to fix the damage. If you don’t see a dentist, you may require dentures in the near future.


Many people consider a denture because their natural teeth are stained, missing or broken. You don’t have to have a scary dental disease in Vestal NY just to decide dentures are a good choice for you.

If you have any of the warning signs, you should visit with your dentist to consider Dentures in Vestal NY. New York Dental Group can help you with cleanings, checkups and other needs. Click here to know more.

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Blob off Alaskan coast identified

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

A ‘giant black mystery blob‘ in the Chukchi Sea off the coast of Alaska has been identified as marine algae. Initially speculated to be an oil spill, the mass was discovered by a group of hunters earlier this month near Wainwright. The blob is reported to be stringy and hairy, and is tangled with jellyfish, among other debris.

The “thick, dark gunk” stretches for as much as 15 miles, and is moving at a slow drift. Upon being first sighted, the U.S. Coast Guard flew out to investigate the mass, and local officials collected samples for testing. Coast Guard Petty Officer Terry Hasenauer reported that “We responded as if it were an oil product. It was described to us as an oil-like substance, thick and lingering below the surface of the water. Those characteristics can indicate heavy, degraded oil, maybe crude oil, or possibly an intermediate fuel oil.”

Test results subsequently revealed that the blob is some sort of unusually extensive algae bloom. “It’s definitely, by the smell and the makeup of it […] some sort of naturally occurring organic or otherwise marine organism”, Hasenauer said. The substance has remained entirely offshore.

However, there is still great uncertainty among local residents and officials alike: “We’ve observed large blooms in the past off Barrow although none of them at all like this”, said Barry Sherr, an oceanography professor. “The fact that the locals say they’ve never seen anything like it suggests that it might represent some exotic species which has drifted into the region, perhaps as a result of global change. For the moment that’s just a guess.”

Friday, March 20, 2009

Following the Pilkhana massacre which occurred February 25 and 26 leaving 74 dead and the inferno at the Bashundhara City shopping mall complex March 13 leaving seven dead, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said security measures are being tightened countrywide across Bangladesh.

Fire drills will be enacted at all key-point installations (KPI). Fire fighting systems will be examined by the fire brigade and the public works department (PWD) to ensure functionality. Security measures will be enhanced supplementing areas under private security such as at the Bashundhara City Complex.

The Fire Service and Civil Defence Department requires modernization and needs new equipment to fight fires past the sixth floor of buildings. The Fire Brigade says it needs turntable ladders, snorkels, foam-tenders, lighting units, emergency tenders, fireproof uniforms, and rescue ropes for fire fighting and rescue operations. Transportation to fires is also an issue due to narrow roads, low electrical wires and congestion.

The Bangladesh National Building Code requires fire fighting equipment installed in buildings over seven floors. This code is to be monitored by authorities to ensure compliance with the new guidelines and to make sure buildings are being maintained.

The Bashundhara City Complex opened Monday for shoppers two days after Friday’s blaze. A probe is underway to determine the cause of the fire and to assess structural damage.

Loss of life was minimized as the blaze broke out on a Friday, the beginning of the weekend in Bangladesh, so offices in the upper floors were empty. The lower eight floors are used for shopping and the upper floors are all Bashundhara Group offices.

The mall is valued at Tk 7.0 billion (US$100 million). It is not known if the complex is covered by fire insurance.

It is estimated that it will take over two years to rebuild the area damaged by flames which were burned down to a skeleton. Bashundhara City’s technical advisor, Latifur Rahman, estimated damages at Tk 2.0 billion (US$29m).

Only one television cameraman has been allowed in to film the burnt area. None of the 2,500 shops, cinemas or cafes were burnt by the inferno. The seventh and eighth floors still experience smoke damage, and there was water damage to merchandise.

A three member committee is currently investigating the cause of the fire which will consist of Iqbal Khan Chowdhury, joint secretary of the ministry, representatives of the police, IGP Noor Muhammad, and fire brigade, Director General Abu Nayeem Md Shahidullah. The committee is required to report within the week with their findings. The forensics department is also sifting through the burnt remains.

The Dhaka Chamber of Commerce and Industries has also formed a committee which has begun interviewing witnesses and recording their testimony alongside the government committee.

It has been discovered that 150 closed circuit cameras were not being used when the fire started. Another mystery is why the mall fire fighting system has been found unused.

Why the fire burnt so fiercely is a matter to think….These matters seem to be mysterious

“In the shopping mall there is an ultra-technology elevator which runs even without electricity but we have found that locked,” Iqbal Khan Chowdhury, joint secretary (Police) of the home ministry, said. “Why the fire burnt so fiercely is a matter to think. We have to see if there was any incendiary substance there. These matters seem to be mysterious.”

Mall management has been asked to submit substances and items which would have been in the upper floors when the fire started. The fire erupted on the 17th floor and spread quickly to the two floors above and engulfed the three floors below. The aerial ladders belonging to the Fire Service and Civil Defence reached as high as the 13th floor of the 21-storey building.

Videos have been sent to the United States (US) for examination to assist in determining the cause of the fire and to help in the damage assessment. Experts from the US are expected to arrive soon.

Firefighters were brought to the rooftop of the 20-storey tower by helicopter. The only fatality in this operation was Baki Billa, a firefighter of Bashundhara City firefighting department, who fell when climbing down a rope from a helicopter to the roof of the building. Three other firefighters made the transition safely. At this same time, the chief security officer was safely rescued by the Bangladesh Air Force helicopter, a Bell 212. Six security officers of the complex also lost their lives.

Tips for SSI Disability Application


Matt Berry

The application process for SSI Disability benefits can be slightly overwhelming at first. Applicants often worry about what might happen if their application is denied, since receiving SSI or SSDI benefits is the only option they see for their future. While applying for benefits is a big deal and the results of the application will have a serious effect on the future, there’s still only one way to get through the process: step by step.

If you haven’t begun the application yet, here are two tips that can make a big difference.

Work Closely With a Social Security Attorney:

For those on a tight budget who are struggling to make ends meet because their disability doesn’t allow them to work, this might seem counter-intuitive. The first question most people will ask is “How much does it cost?” The answer: There are no out of pocket costs!

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Reputable disability lawyers (also known as SSDI lawyer, SSI disability lawyers, or SSD lawyers) will work with applicants through the SSI Disability application process and any appeals there may be. Once the case has been approved, the Social Security attorney will accept a prearranged percentage of the back benefits awarded.

– Note: If, for any reason, the case is never approved, the disability attorney does not seek payment.

This payment arrangement makes it easy for anyone seeking SSI or SSDI payments to work with an attorney without worrying about the burden of additional payments. SSI Disability lawyers can be a huge asset to any disability benefits case. Their wealth of previous case experience allows them the opportunity to notice the best practices that help certain cases win approval.

Once hired, a SSD lawyer will be able to show applicants how those practices might relate to their own case, making it stronger and more complete. Because the application process is so lengthy, getting things right the first time is always best. Having a disability attorney on hand to help organize and present the application can only strengthen it, and might prevent a long, drawn-out appeals process. If you dont have an attorney and need to appeal Social Security Disability, contacting reputable SSD lawyers and attorneys is recommended.

Take Notes of Any and All Disability-Related Symptoms:

While it would be nice if everyone who requested them automatically received Social Security Disability benefits, a system that didn’t require evidence of a disability would quickly be overwhelmed with unethical requests. In order to provide benefits to those who truly deserve them, the Social Security Administration requires quite a bit of proof that the applicants for SSI or SSDI payments are actually disabled. Most of this proof comes in the form of medical records, test results and x-rays. The notes that doctors take on the patient also come into play, which is why it’s so important to regularly see doctors and describe all pain and symptoms to them.

What applicants often don’t realize, however, is that they can also take notes and make records of their symptoms. The more detailed the notes are, the more helpful they can possibly be. If shortness of breath is a symptom, the best notes would detail how many times a day shortness of breath is experienced, what activities were happening during when the shortness of breath became apparent, and how long the feeling lasted.

With the help of a skilled Social Security Disability benefits lawyer and extensive notes and records of the disability and symptoms, the applicant will be as well prepared as possible for the SSI or SSDI application process and any subsequent appeals.

Matt Berry is a

SSI disability lawyer

that helps consumers with

Social Security Disability Impairments

fight to

win Social Security Disability


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