Bring Some New Life Into Your Independent Grocery Store


Kris T Ann

If you are in the position where your customer base is dwindling because of nearby chain grocery stores then waste no more time. You better do something quick before your only business dribbles down to nothing but cigarettes and beer, or those items that people forgot to buy at the big store. It is a good time to get your place a face-lift and think of some new options for attracting new customers. If you no longer have people buying staples from your store then you should become more of a specialty market.

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You need to carry all those things that the big stores don’t. Why bother with paper products and other bulk items. What you have to do is sell those things that the big store doesn’t carry. There are many small businesses that produce small amounts of quality products. These are not sold in bulk and can’t be found for cheaper. That could be the niche that you are looking for. Focus on certain specialties rather than a small more expensive selection of what big chains carryIf you look around you will see all sorts of small artisan companies that you can offer. Don’t give up your bread and butter though. If you make most of your money selling beer and tobacco products then beef those up. Add some small home brew types of beers. These are very popular and will attract new customers. You need to let people know that you are updating your store too. So do something obvious. Make it show outside your store and in. A great way to let people know about the new things that are going on is using promotional products. Order some shirts and aprons that bear your logo. That way your employees can be sporting a new look that goes with your store. Give these and other items a nice look with a good design. Make them attractive enough that people will want to buy them. Give them some color. Color is always good to make things more attractive. Flowers are good for that too.If you have updated your wine list then offer some promotional wine keys for sale. If you are selling more organic cheese from small dairies then have a cute little bamboo cutting board customized with your store name. You can get the word out locally with making some door hanger style fliers complete with a magnet so they can hang on the fridge. These can be hung on mailboxes, doorknobs, and fence posts at homes all around your store. Tell them the new items you are carrying and wait for them to come visit.

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Bring Some New Life Into Your Independent Grocery Store}

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