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Submitted by: Arati Shah

The workplace is like a second home for every employee. Creating an on-site wellness program is important because the majority of an employees time is spent at the workplace. Statistics from the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention show that an average a healthy individual misses three days every year while an overweight or obese individual misses five days. Not to forget the employee productivity, and the cost to the company. This is precisely why many corporates are adopting ways to look after their work-force. It is also one of the ways to attract talent, create bonding between the employees and decrease the employee turnover.

Good health begins with good food. And what can be better than introducing healthy menu options for the employees in the workplace cafeteria. It is a proven fact that scarcity of time often compels the employee to eat the options available at hand and that usually turns out to be the options from the cafeteria. An in-house company menu which allows the employees to make healthy food choices and not resort to junk eating is an ideal value-add. Moreover, as many company profiles demand travelling, educating the staff about what kind of food selection to make on the go, reading the label can help them immensely.

Empowering the employees with the understanding of healthy balanced diet is a smart way to help them eat mindfully. Nutrition consultations, camps to educate the employees about the various health aspects like portions sizes, essential nutrients, assessing the body composition, workshops to discuss the concerns of the employees, and health assessments would all create an environment of awareness within the organization. Health updates through various newsletters or online updates can be a fun way to educate them too. Outsourcing nutrition experts to design a diet considering the likes, dislikes, allergies, lifestyle, economic status, health conditions, blood parameters, age, gender of the employee can be a tool to motivate employees to look after their health and fitness.

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A lot of fun-based wellness activities can also be undertaken by the employer at the workplace. Conducting regular medical check-ups and preventive wellness screenings to diagnose any health conditions on time can be organized. Encouraging employer- sponsored athlete teams is another interesting way to bring employees under a health platform. Measuring the distances in the halls and compounds of the company to set walking goals for the employees can make the employees more active during the day. Many organizations also decide on a theme for the month like no sweets month, a 30 minute walk daily month, a low sugar month, or a salt-awareness month that keeps the excitement going.

Onsite fitness activities like yoga, Zumba, and aerobics can be another step. Research shows that employees who are given these facilities are better at managing stress and can improve their work productivity. Figuring out the rewards for the top achievers not only for the work targets but also for the health goals can further motivate employees to work towards a healthier being.

Occasional absenteeism is inevitable. But habitual absences are the ones that can cost a lot to the employers and compromise on the overall productivity of the company and what better way can there be than introducing health and wellness activities for the employees?

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Interior Furnishing in Palakkad


MonnaieDecorative Panels – An Easy Option for Wall TreatmentA fast growing trend in interior designing today are the decorative wall panels which are a perfect way to focus more on living space. Decorative panels are available in a wide range of sizes and patterns; can easily be installed directly on the wall. These panels are made of waterproof fibre board. This is a best option wall treatment and offers some unique advantages.1. Easy installation Most wall treatments which include texture paints and wallpaper are time- consuming, also require skilled professionals. Decorative wall panels, on the other side, the best option as they can be directly installed onto the walls without any much of surface preparation. MDF board panels are usually lightweight & very easy to use.2. Enhanced aestheticsOne of the best characteristic of decorative wall panels are that they can be used to enhance a whole room space aesthetically and apart from a certain range of colours and patterns, panels can also be available in natural textures like wood & stone, which adds a whole new dimension to your space.3. Concealing uneven wall surfacesUneven wall surfaces are always a common problem. Decorative wall panels can be placed over those walls to conceal the defected and uneven wall for a seamless and smooth finish. This will help to hide the uneven areas of wall and no level difference would be there as we can conceal those with the decorative panels.4. Maintenance friendlyDecorative wall panels are comparatively very easy to maintain and clean, compared to other wall options like wallpapers and texture paint. Dusting regularly with a cloth or vacuum cleaning is more than enough to keep the panels clean. The difference would be on the material of your wall panel as well as the kind of stain or splatter; they can be cleaned by lightly wiping with soap and warm water.5 Hide the Electrical Wiring.It would not be liked by anyone if the wires are exposed outside, especially for the entertainment units. So using decorative panels can serve both purposes as it can be used as innovative wall treatment as well as can be used for concealing the wires which helps keeping in mind the design aesthetics.6. Can Reuse.Everyone would love to use those things which as reusable. The decorative wall panels can be easily removed without damaging the wall as well as the panel. The same panel can be used when required for any other location where the same size fits in.7. Faux artIf the panels are used smartly, they can give the resemblance of artwork in a space, & statement for the art. Moreover these wall panels are available in different patterns, sizes, texture that can enhance the beauty of the space the way we want it.If you are set to try out some decorative panels at your home, see the best option you can use and a little bit of thought & planning can help you get an attractive and practical choice that you will love for years to come.

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interior furnishing in Palakkad

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byAlma Abell

Your wedding should be something you have always dreamed of. Many girls, and men too although they may not want to admit it, spend years planning exactly how they want their special day to look. There are many different venues from which to choose, and outdoor weddings, Tucson are becoming more and more popular. There are, however, a few things to keep in mind when you are planning an outdoor wedding.

The first is the time of year and the weather you can expect. Perhaps you have always dreamed of a New Year’s Day wedding, but the weather during that time of year may not be conducive to an outdoor wedding. It is best to check traditional weather reports for the past few years, as well as current reports, to get an idea of what to expect. That way you can plan appropriate clothing for the bride and groom, the wedding party, and the guests as well. If it tends to be rainy, you can plan on having a canopy to keep everyone dry. Maybe it is going to be chilly. If so, you can rent some portable column heaters so everyone stays nice and toasty.

Next, think about the time of day you would like your wedding to be. Evening Outdoor Weddings, Tuscon can be gorgeous, especially at a luxurious location such as Reflections at the Buttes. Strategically placed lighting, whether electric or candle light, gives everything a sense of romance and allure. If the wedding is during the day, you will have to choose what kind of natural outdoor backdrop you would like such as a flower garden or perhaps some type of water feature.

After the ceremony itself, the next most important part of any wedding is the reception. If you are having an outdoor wedding, you may want to have an outdoor reception as well. On the other hand, perhaps you and your guests have had enough of nature and want to retire to a luxurious room where you can sit, relax, and celebrate the beginning of your new life. The most important piece of advice is to remember whatever you plan will be perfect. Whether it is outside or inside, when you and your spouse say those two magic words, the location will not matter. The fact that you are simply together in the moment will.

byAlma Abell

For those who have never gone through the process of Custom Home Construction in Liberty MO, there are important things to consider before starting. Below are several pieces of advice that, when followed, will help customers build the homes of their dreams.

Set a Budget (And Stick To It)

If clients don’t set a firm budget before beginning the home-building process, they may be in for an expensive surprise. Custom homes come with nearly endless options, and adding too many features can easily drive prices sky-high. While it’s important to leave some wiggle room for unforeseen circumstances, it’s equally vital to set an upper limit so spending doesn’t get out of hand.

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Secure Financing

The next step is to learn about the basic types of home financing. Temporary construction loans can be changed to mortgages at closing, and some clients can finance the construction and wait to get a mortgage. Regardless of the circumstances, clients should find the best financing for their needs.

Find the Right Contractor for the Job

Clients should look for builders whose work exemplifies the qualities looked for in a new home. Then, research and vet options by checking with the BBB and reading consumer reviews. Be on the lookout for unethical business practices, a lack of online contact information, or numerous complaints about unfinished projects.

Communicate Effectively

During the process of Custom Home Construction in Liberty MO, clients should ask questions and request frequent updates. Communication styles can make or break a project, and if there’s little to no interaction between client and builder, that builder is not likely to build to spec.

Become Part of the Home-Building Process

The best custom home builders actively seek clients’ input throughout the processes of designing and building a home, and clients should want similar things. The more involved the client is in the construction process, the more they’ll love their new home. In most cases, people build custom homes with intentions to stay there for years, and working closely with the builder simply yields better and more livable results.

Consult an Expert Home Builder

The process of building a custom home is an exciting one, but it can be difficult if clients aren’t careful. If a client has questions about the process, they can Syler Construction Inc today.

byAlma Abell

Home-owners cringe over the thought of needing to repair or replace their roof. Although this is a frequently experienced emotion, individuals typically feel at ease once they learn just how quick, hassle-free, and inexpensive these services can be. In order to get the most out of a roofing project, home-owners need to hire professionals. Unfortunately, there are a ton of contractors that claim to provide superior work at less than reasonable costs. In most of these cases, home-owners have found themselves in the middle of a roofing project nightmare. In order to avoid this situation, it is highly recommended that due diligence is always complete on all prospective contractors.

When conducted by a skilled professional, Roofing Services are completed on time, on the budget, and with little to no bumps in the road. There are a couple of things that should be checked prior to hiring a contractor, some of which include:

  • Is the contractor licensed?
  • How many years of experience does the company have?
  • Have they completed similar work recently?
  • Are they properly insured?

In most cases, contractors are able to provide all roofing services, which include new installation, repairs, maintenance, or re-roofing. The amount of labour time that is required to successfully finish these services will vary drastically. Therefore it is encouraged for individuals to find this information out before committing to anything. With all of these services, customers will have the option to choose the type of material that will be used. Some roofing materials have shown to be more beneficial than others. Therefore these advantages should be a factor that is considered.

Roofing Services no longer have to be a headache. Hire a contractor that knows what they are doing and takes the extra time needed to produce a professional result. A great motto for roofing companies to live by is: We will make your house a better home. Look into the companies background, services provided, and customer references. By doing this, homeowners can gain the confidence they need to hire the contractor and have work begin as soon as possible. Reliable services through dependable contractors make roofing projects that much simpler.

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