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Neha LiveIf you want to save on your energy bill then solar powered lights are a great substitute. You are almost certainly worried about the ever ever-increasing price of electricity to, this is a cost effective way of illuminating your home’s outdoor areas, and solar lighting is the answer. How does it work? The first versions of solar lighting use solar cells that did not produce ample power for a long period of time. As with everything solar lighting has evolved, newer technology uses LED (light emitting diode) lamps that offer much more powerful light that those using solar cells.Solar lights are not as commanding as electric powered fixtures; they are better used for outdoor decorative lighting. a quantity of places you can use them include walkways, landscape borders, patio and deck areas, as well as gardens. It’s important to have a well thought out plan before you begin, you can even do a quick sketch before hand so you have a suggestion of how to place the lamps. Solar light fixtures work off of the energy of the sun. These exterior lights in point of fact collect energy from the sun, through solar cell panels. When night falls these lights illuminate by releasing the solar energy, which in return give your exterior areas light. These panels use NiCad or NiMH re-chargeable batteries to store the battery power collected from the sun.Why are solar powered lights so popular, besides the savings on your electricity? Unlike regular landscape lighting, that needs a professional electrician to do all the work, solar powered lamps can be installed by anyone. It also is fast and takes no time to do. Put the post into the ground and you’re done. But remember to place the light fixtures in an area that has a lot of sunlight. A tip on generating the most amount of power possible from your solar lamp is to place them in an area that receives lots of natural sunlight. The more sun than hits the solar panel the more power the lamp will give off at night. And don’t worry about the lights turning on in the daylight, these outdoor lights have built-in photo sensors, this feature enables the lamp to automatically shut off in the daylight hours. Typically you can expect about 9 hours of light per night.Some types of solar outdoor lighting that you can install to illuminate your landscape and garden areas include, solar spotlights, patio lights, and path lights for walkways. If you are looking for a powerful light source for your home’s outdoor areas, then choose an electric powered fixture. If you want accent lighting in your garden or landscape that offers a soft glow, then this maybe what you are looking for.

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