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Clothes make a man_ when it comes to power dressing for men, this adage fits the bill completely. In the corporate world, your personality plays a major role in getting you the success you deserve. So, your clothes, being your second skin, should be a personality enhancer rather than a hindrance. In the competitive corporate sector, success comes to those who are presentable, confident and can create a positive impression on their superiors and clients. It goes without saying, that well-planned power-suits are the best bet when it comes to creating an impact.

The most important part of mens formal attire is the shirt. Yes, it is your formal shirt that can make or mar your business suit! So it is worth the while to give some moments of consideration when it comes to selecting the right kind of shirt to create your signature corporate persona. In our fashion trend-driven society, every person, whether man or woman, is eager to make a fashion statement. Generally, a man never confesses to be shopaholic, but this does not necessarily mean that he is an ignorant and disinterested buyer.

The average metro-sexual man is so meticulous about his appearance that he can put most women to shame. Be informed buyers and look for certain key features while shopping for your formal shirts:

The fit and mould of the shirt should enhance your build and frame.

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The color should not be too loud or too dull since it is the shirt that augments the glamour of your power suit. But remember that formal wear does not mean boring, understated and dull apparel. A smart dresser makes the best of the palette of colors available to him and keeps his suits/ trousers in mind while he is out shopping for shirts. The proper balancing of the patterns and solid colors between your shirt, suit, and tie would give the desired effect.

A shirt with subtle detailing adds a touch of glamour to your look. But the detailing should not be too ornamental or loud. You should try to add a new dimension to your appearance but not overdo it.

Break the monotony when it comes to the style and design of your shirts. Every shirt should offer a new dimension when it comes to the detailing of the fabric, pattern, collar, buttons and cuffs. Some men prefer tailor-made shirts as these would give the flexibility to play around with detailing and design. A well-stitched shirt with a firm construction is an indicator of a mans attitude and status in the corporate world.

Take Proper Care Of Your Shirt: A careful dresser pays special attention to the maintenance of his shirt. After you have made a good purchase, it becomes your responsibility to maintain your shirts. Proper care would preserve the sheen and increase the longevity of your shirts. This would ensure that you need not buy shirts oftener than you would want to. Even an expensive shirt fails to make an impression if it is faded and sloppy-looking.

Wear: A responsible dresser would always make sure that his shirt is well-cleaned and well-ironed. Remember that you only have the first two minutes to make an impression, so make the most of it.

Keep these pointers in mind while you are going shopping and you would always be a smart buyer. Keep yourself updated about the latest fashion trends because the key to smart dressing is smart buying.

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