The Hunter And The Drought

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If you are an outdoors-man or hunter, going through a climactic, record setting drought is takes toll on our wildlife and outdoor activities as a whole. The lack of moisture and related depletion of food sources for game along with the danger of wild fires has never been at such a dangerous level. The ability to enjoy the world of nature and its many activities will require a proactive approach from hunters and recreational users of the land.

The relationship that exists between land owner and hunter will be crucial if your favorite hunting spot or recreational area is not provided outside assistance. Watering devices made from fifty-five gallon drums, split long ways and secured to prevent them from being turned over by thirsty animals is an inexpensive and practical method of providing life sustaining water to wildlife and game in the areas that are in jeopardy.

Simple construction techniques can be accomplished using clean, heavy walled fifty-five gallon barrels that have been cleaned to remove any residues that could be toxic to animals. Using a simple jig saw and a small amount of knowledge can create a trough that will hold enough water to sustain animal life for up to five days when located under a tree or in some form of shade. To prevent accidental drowning of small animals or fowl a simple safe bottom can be made from soft fiberglass insect screen material suspended to allow access to the water and a safe footing material.

Empty three liter beverage bottles, tightly sealed and laid in the bottom of the barrel halves, and enclosed in screen material with enough length to go to the bottom of the barrels as the water level drops will provide an effective and safe footing medium, but don’t overdo the bottles three or four suspending the screen material will be more than sufficient to get the job done. Key to this watering method is a concerted effort to fill and refill this man made oases on a timely basis.

The benefits are twofold, it not only sustains the animals, but it also acts as a way to attract the game when season arrives. If your hunting area is located in an established flyway, the long term benefits will be enormous; it will benefit the game now and will insure continued attraction as long as this drought situation continues.

Don’t skimp, several people that hunt together can build numerous water barrel units and place them strategically on your hunting ground. This act will not go unnoticed by your land owner and will promote a different respect for the people that use their land to harvest game or have access for varied recreational use. We as the hunting public need, and should do all we can to protect our vanishing hunting spots.

Picking up trash, fixing fence and gates is a given activity for dedicated and responsible hunters. Just imagine the pride and respect your land owner will have for you when they see the steps you have taken to provide for the bounty that makes his farm or ranch more productive or at least provide life giving water to the game that is shared with us. Be aware of fire danger and protect the land and life of the animals that call it home.

Most of our farms and ranches have wind mills to provide water for their stock. These wind mills have been in existence long enough that there locations have become genetically imprinted in migratory foul keeping them coming back year after year and generation after generation. Keeping trash, weeds and debris out of the stock tanks and small ponds that wind mills create provides a feeling of safety for birds like dove and quail. A clean pond bank keeps predators away because hiding places are removed. A weed eater used properly around ponds and tanks that are frequented by wild life remove the hiding places and make access to the water much easier for birds, deer and other animals.

If your hunting spot is blessed with live water, a stream or spring fed lake or pond, clearing debris and blown in trash helps to maintain clean water as well as improving water quality for all the wild life that uses it. It happens from time to time that man must provide for wildlife, and an unrelenting drought is one of the times we as the outdoor community must come together to do as much as we can to protect our heritage for future generations. In the mean time pray for rain.

By Mumtaz Shah

Even the most cynical of us would agree that occasionally accidents do happen. However, more often than not, an ‘accident’ isn’t really an ‘accident’ at all and a certain level of fault for the accident has to be placed squarely on the shoulder of the person who caused the accident. The same is certainly true in the case of a car accident. So, how would you go about getting proper whiplash compensation following a car accident?

Unlike other injuries that can occur in a car accident, more often than not the symptoms of whiplash, such as a whiplash neck injury, will not manifest themselves until the morning after. Usually, the accident will cause the whiplash to manifest in the form of:

— a headache, most likely all over the head with particular emphasis on the back of the head, or the forehead, or behind the eyes of the victim; or

— neck pain; or

— both of the above, with the headache likely to be more painful initially than the neck ache, but with the neck ache likely to be more prolonged and with the chance of this developing into Osteoarthritis in the future.


So, with an accident injury of this nature, i.e. one that does not manifest itself immediately, you would think that making a whiplash injury compensation claim would be an extremely onerous task – as causation proof of the injury would be difficult. However, you can make it easier to make a compensation claim for whiplash if you adhere to the following guideline procedures following the accident:

1. As Soon As You Can, Write Down Exactly What Happened That Caused The Accident To Happen

When you write your notes about what happened to cause the accident, which you should try and do as soon as you can following the accident. You need to make notes of exactly what happened leading up to the accident, during the accident and subsequent to the accident. You should also take note of:

— where the accident took place

— what the weather conditions were like (e.g. was it foggy and slippery?)

— what the time was

— whether there were any witnesses who can verify your story

— exactly what you said to the other person(s) involved

If possible you should use your mobile phone camera to take photographs of the damage done to your car and you, as well as of the road surface and the general weather conditions.

2. Have A Medical Examination Immediately

Even if you are not feeling too bad following your accident, it can take a few hours, even a sleep, for the symptoms of whiplash to manifest. However, the longer you leave it until you get a medical examination the more chance there will be that the person who caused the accident can say that your injuries could have been caused by something else other than the car accident. Or, worse, the whiplash injuries could have been mitigated if only you had sought medical attention earlier.

To protect both yourself and your potential whiplash injury compensation claim, you should take yourself off to the hospital and have a complete medical examination as soon as you can, following the accident. Once you have had the examination you should ask the doctor to write a report detailing the chances of you having suffered an injury as a result of the accident – including the chances of you having suffered whiplash.

If you do this, you may well find that it is a lot harder for the person who caused your injury to claim that the whiplash was the cause of anything but their actions.

Keep in mind that whiplash injuries can have lasting effects. They can also have a very dramatic effect on your life – especially if they manifest into Osteoarthritis. So do not take a potential whiplash injury lightly and make sure that you protect any future rights that you may have to bring a whiplash injury claim.

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byAlma Abell

Modern central air conditioners are designed to keep you cool, filter air, and automatically maintain temperatures. They need to be expertly installed, maintained, and repaired by AC Contractors in Wichita. Professionals, such as Cook’s Heating and Air Conditioning also offer many benefits.

Professionals Help in EmergenciesProfessional AC Contractors in Wichita area provide 24/7 help. They are full-service HVAC experts, and will respond quickly when your air conditioner breaks down on a hot summer day or your heating system stops on a freezing night. They arrive quickly in well-stocked vans and are able to make many repairs on the spot.

Professionals Keep You HealthyOver time your home’s furniture, carpeting, and air vents collect pet hair, dust mites, mold, and more. The result can be indoor air pollution, which the EPA has identified as a serious health problem. HVAC experts can test home air and offer filters or vent cleaning options to help purify the air. Solutions can include whole-house dehumidifiers and electronic air filters. Contractors will also teach you about the types of filters your HVAC equipment uses and how often to change them.

Professionals Extend the Life of Air ConditionersA/C experts can often make repairs that extend the life of your equipment for years. They also offer service agreements that include spring and fall inspections and maintenance. During scheduled visits technicians clean components, replace refrigerant, and fix any problems that could cause breakdowns. They also inspect your insulation and let you know whether you need to replace it to increase energy efficiency and keep your home more comfortable.

Professionals Save You MoneyHVAC professionals keep your systems running well, which lowers utility bills and saves the cost of expensive emergency breakdowns. They can also explain the advantages of replacing older equipment with a new, energy-efficient system. Experts can supply every major brand and offer professional installation designed to maximize efficiency. They may offer money-saving discounts and will help you qualify for energy-tax credits and rebates.

Today’s HVAC systems must be installed, maintained, and repaired by experts. These professionals offer emergency services, keep indoor air healthy, extend the life of equipment, and professionally install money-saving new systems.

Due to the increasingly expanding market of foreign exchange, more investors are joining in. Forex can turn out to be a very profitable investment for many. So get into this market for a handsome income.


You need to set your goal to be not an average investor in forex, but a successful and renowned one. It is a very dynamic market with lots of opportunities. You must have gone through any tips to learn to become a successful trader. But when forex secret trading methods are unleashed, they help you become a truly successful forex trader.

You need to observe the market cautiously first. Remain specially updated through news and know about the new developments that might affect your investments. Don’t get impulsive and don’t just follow your instincts. Do not continue trading during periods of instability and volatility. Market conditions can get highly unfavorable for you, but be open to any instant response.

Try to employ the most efficient trading system. Different types of systems suit different types of market. A good system might not work for a down market. Some systems might work best for trading markets and fail to show results for other types of markets.

Remember that the ups and downs in forex trading are inevitable. But some traders refuse to accept these irregularities. Better get familiar with trends of specific markets and go for the best trades which go with the market.

Build your instincts on your experience and careful analysis. Then start trusting your gut-feeling and go with it. Avoid trading when you feel there is something wrong but do not know why. The forex secret trading appreciated you being a bit superstitious. It’s better to save money then losing it all.

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Are you interested by undergoing beauty surgery? Cosmetic surgical procedure is a phrase that covers a wide range of surgical procedures. Whether or not you want to have unwanted physique hair removed or get a full physique raise, it’s possible you’ll be uncertain about your decision. You could have a ton of questions. One straightforward way that you may get solutions to many of those questions is by inspecting cosmetic surgical procedure before and after pictures.

As good as it is to listen to that you should look at cosmetic surgery before and after pictures, chances are you’ll be curious as to why it’s best to and the way you are able to do so. If that’s what you’re questioning, please proceed reading on.

One of the many explanation why it is best to study beauty surgical procedure before and after footage is as a result of they can give you a good suggestion as to what you may expect. Although you recognize that a facelift can be used to reduce or remove wrinkles, in addition to sluggish the signs of growing old, you may not know what the top consequence will actually look like. This, nonetheless, is something that it’s essential know.


In addition to providing you with an thought as to what you may expect, when present process cosmetic surgical procedure, examining before and after pictures may help to just be sure you are being realistic. As previously stated, a surgical facelift can reduce wrinkles and the signs of getting old, however that doesn t necessarily mean that your face will look the identical as it did if you have been twenty years old. Unfortunately, those with unrealistic expectations usually discover themselves upset and that’s not how you have to be feeling after beauty surgery.

Beauty surgery earlier than and after photos can also assist offer you reassurance that you just did choose the very best surgeon in your area. For that to happen, you must make sure that you are proven before and after pictures from procedures that your surgeon performed. Just be sure you ask, as some cosmetic surgery facilities have been identified to make use of commonplace, generic photographs.

As for how you’ll find beauty surgery earlier than and after pictures to look at, you do have plenty of different options. Inquire at your local beauty surgical procedure center or at the workplace of a private practice. They should have earlier than and after footage so that you can examine. You may have to examine them there. Keep in mind to ensure that the images are of those the place the surgery was carried out on site. Also, be sure the earlier than and after photos are of the process you wish to undergo, like liposuction or a surgical facelift.

You may also use the internet to find cosmetic surgical procedure before and after footage to examine. For starters, you may wish to visit the online websites of your local beauty surgeons or surgical centers. This will give you the time to look at the same footage at your own tempo and in the comfort of your personal home. Further pictures could be found with an ordinary internet search. When doing so, use a phrase like liposuction earlier than and after pictures. This method is easy, however remember that surgeons do produce completely different results.

As a recap, examining earlier than and after pictures of cosmetic surgeries, specifically the procedure you intend to undergo, can provide you an thought of what you may expect in terms of results. Since these footage are simple to search out, there is no reason why you should go in for surgical procedure with out having sensible expectations.

About the Author: I’m an avid product reviewer and wonder enthusiast. I search good products that enhance beauty and bodily appearance.



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In the beginning of your career when you underwent leadership training and coaching for the first time, did you have a certain strategy in place for your clients? Were you able to choose the results you wanted for yourself and your clients? Do you think if you had complete mastery over your emotions the results would be different? When you decided tobecome a coachit was important to help others and knowing how to choose results and helping others do the same is an effective way to do this.

During the start of your leadership training and coaching, was there ever a time where you thought you had an impossible goal to accomplish, but in the end something happened and you were able to reach that goal? If someone asked you how you did this, would you remember? To become a coachyou should remember to be able to get consistent results.

Another thing to remember when you decideto become a coachis that leadership training and coachingis not successful when you let your emotions get the best of you. One thing you must always place in your mind is that your emotions do not represent who you are. If you are scared, it means that you are in a scared state of mind. If you are smart, then you are in a smart state of mind, etc.

Now, the best wayto become a coachis getting yourself to be in a top leadership state of mind. Besides this you will also need to know the 3 factors that greatly affect our emotions.


The first is Physiology. Physiology is how we are seen or perceived. It is our posture, our muscle tone and our facial expressions. Our physiology can be changed by our nutrition, hydration, and movement. To become a coachwho has helped many clients it is important to ensure that each client is able to change their physiology within minutes.

The second factor is language. We are not aware of the negative things that we say to ourselves and how much it may affect us. In leadership training and coaching we can be made aware of this and help ourselves overcome this negative self talk.

The last factor that greatly affects our emotions is our beliefs. When we decide to become a coach, we must learn to let go of our self imposed beliefs and be open to other possibilities. Our beliefs can hinder our success.

With the 3 factors come 3 levels of mastery over our emotions and state of mind.

1st level of mastery: Deciding to be with someone that exudes positivity can show you have mastery. When you are with someone who is positive you feel good, you create a vibe that is powerful.

2nd level of mastery: There are times that you may be at a place that does not exude positivity but you block out the negative aspects and you choose to feel good.

3rd level of mastery: In this level, you are able to generalize a state of mind and connect it to any incident in life. You also decide to choose the emotion of being powerful no matter what circumstance you are in.

As you become a coach who chooses your results, keep in mind that leadership training and coachingwill help you take that control and be the successful coach that you aim to be.

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If you’re planning to develop your own cryptocurrency exchange, Kick-start your crypto exchange business that can make you earn money with the help of the Binance Clone Script.

With Binance Clone Script, one can easily start a crypto exchange website similar to Binance.

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Let’s take a closer look at offshore developer teams and help you decide if they are right for you.

3 reasons why you should hire offshore developers

1. Lower operating costs– India and Eastern Europe are cheap places to build teams. These areas have a lower cost of living, therefore office space, equipment, and salaries are lower.

2. Access to enormous talent pools– Software developers with excellent qualifications are hard to find in Western Europe and America. The US skills shortfall has increased in the past decade. However, IT hubs like Bangalore create more top-tier IT engineers than anywhere else.

3. An opportunity to scale fast– Scaling a firm quickly is challenging. Offshoring allows businesses to expand, hire engineers faster, and adapt faster.

Are there any concerns about offshore development?

Despite the popularity of employing offshore developers, some companies are still concerned if it’s the correct choice. Lets look at some frequent concerns regarding hiring offshore employees and how The Scalers addresses them:


Engineers that appreciate good software are in high demand. Due to the West’s skills scarcity, many companies outsource their internal capacity to consultants but this needs to be more sustainable and the hazards typically exceed the advantages. The Scalers operate differently. We provide unrestricted access to India’s top engineers. Our clear, transparent, and no-nonsense offshore strategy lets you tap into the country’s vast talent pool, employ world-class offshore developers, and construct a committed workforce.


Offshoring security is a major problem. Security breaches are sometimes called an “offshore phenomenon” since outsourcing development to a vendor doesn’t protect your intellectual property. The Scalers’ agreements explicitly disclose your contract conditions. Our partners should likewise examine encrypted data and use powerful firewalls to secure their trade secrets. As long as you take measures like at home, you should be OK.


Businesses worry about cultural mismatch when recruiting offshore developers. India’s working conditions and culture have a bad reputation. Yet, we underestimate the world’s flexibility. Thus, there are more similarities than differences, and it’s generally a matter of perspective. To address this, we’ve created a language and culture-focused recruitment approach. The Scalers don’t discriminate. Our specialized development team approach builds a strong team culture with your corporate DNA.

Vetting an offshore development partner

Many businesses brand themselves as “offshore development specialists,” but it’s important to establish their reliability and competence early on. Here are several ways to choose the appropriate offshore team.

Look at their work history

Case studies are the perfect indicators of the kind of work the company has done, its success, its approach to people, and the type of clients that they typically work with.

Ask real questions

Talk to the company’s senior management to know the ethos and attitude of those running the business. Find out if they have a requirement-based recruitment process to help you source the specific skills and cultural fit you need.

Evaluate their approach to communication

When working with a partner located 10,000 miles away, effective communication is key. During your early conversations, are responses to emails and calls fast and polite? When discussing requirements, does the company sound confident? Any red flags should be taken seriously.

Finding the right offshore developers for your business

A foolproof recruitment procedure is essential to hiring the finest for your business. Your offshore development team’s experience will be crucial here. We believe we’ve perfected the process of developing offshore IT teams. We use a 7-step methodology to find the finest offshore developers for our partners.

  1. Talent Scouting: The initial search, prescreening, and first contact.
  2. Logical Skills Test: To make sure candidates can tackle complex problems easily.
  3. Technical Expertise: A one-day, in-office practical assessment with our technical panel to measure understanding of concepts.
  4. Mock Assignment: A three-day project done at home to get a holistic overview of the candidates’ ability to architect a solution.
  5. HR Interview: An in-depth screening to gain better insight into candidates’ personality and individual quirks.
  6. Manager interview: A conversation to determine whether a developer is the right cultural fit for your business.
  7. Final Stage: You perform the final interviews and choose your champions.

The Scalers’ model: the smart way to go offshore

At The Scalers, we implement a simple three-step model to help you take your business offshore.

1. We build your team

Your offshore developers in Bangalore are selected among the world’s most brilliant engineers who have designed cutting-edge software for Google, Amazon, and IBM. 1.5 million engineers graduate in India annually. We select the top 1%.

2. We run your operations

Our hands-off methodology lets you focus on your team, software development, and business growth. We undertake the operational and administrative hard lifting so you don’t have to.

3. You scale without limits

We can help you expand and boost capacity quickly. Your engineers in Bangalore are engaged by a Chief Happiness Officer who implements your vision and culture.


It’s crucial to find and recruit talented developers for your tech staff. You can tap into global talent pools and obtain capabilities you can’t always locate at home with the right development partner. While they handle recruiting, team setup, operational heavy lifting, and daily administration, you can focus on creating innovative, new customer offerings.

Our model guarantees that you employ the greatest tech talent for your business, it fosters a strong and united team culture and optimizes operating expenses. It’s a cross-continental extension of your team, not outsourced support.

Submitted by: Rossmo Obrien

So just what does a doctor assistant do?

Basically, a physician subordinate is responsible for supplying healthcare companies underneath the supervision of a physician. It varies significantly from other occupation solutions in the allied health and fitness area. Doctor subordinates are often confused with clinical assistants, for illustration, who are accountable for performing routine clinical and clerical tasks. A physician assistant can do substantially extra, such as offering diagnostic, therapeutic, and preventive healthcare providers. They are normally delegated these tasks by a physician, though.


The degrees that medical professional assistants get are a lot more in depth than some other degrees in the allied wellbeing area, because these health experts will have more duties than some of the other technicians and assistants in the well being care profession. A physician subordinate will need to be capable to consider clinical histories, study and treat sufferers, order and interpret laboratory assessments and X-rays, make diagnoses, and prescribe medications in most states. They may well also be responsible for suturing, splitting and casting, and they must be capable to treat patients in a incredibly courteous and thorough method. The occupation facts could also vary from job to task and state to state, as some medical doctor assistants have added managerial responsibilities.

So if you’re shopping for a occupation in the allied overall health area that has a promising long run and lots of rewards, perhaps medical professional subordinate employment are proper for you. You will perform closely with physicians and patients, and you will have various jobs open to you wherever you must determine to transfer in the nation. Most doctor subordinate work come with great shell out, full gains, and other perks. It is a gratifying occupation and a caring profession with a vivid potential.

Doctor Assistants (PAs) play an critical position in the healthcare area. Physician assistants are health and fitness care pros licensed to practice medication beneath the supervision of a physician. They perform a range of duties that consist of: physical examinations of sufferers, prepare for diagnostic testing and get portion in the interpretation of examination effects, guide with diagnosing and treating medical situations, producing health prescriptions, and counseling patients on well being care. In essence, they have the authority to do almost every little thing a health practitioner can do.

Physician assistant jobs are all encompassing as they relieve significantly of the burden positioned on doctors. With this sort of a burden put on physicians in all locations of medicine that features physician practices and all health-related regions in hospitals, the PAs are in wonderful need creating this vocation a great choice for people today who want to make a rewarding salary although supporting people today in need. In addition, PAs will go to wellness establishments these as nursing homes for observe up health care. A lot of PAs can also be discovered functioning in specialty healthcare fields these as pediatrics, inner medicine, emergency medication, significant medical procedures, pediatrics, geriatrics, orthopedics, and additional. 1 of the ideal benefits of a career as a medical professional assistant is you do not have all of the demands of a physician so you can have a lifestyle external of the workplace.

To turn out to be an assistant, you will get most of the same courses as physicians, but you do have to participate in all of the same internships or residencies.

About the Author: I have above a ten years of expertise in health treatment job tracking and clinical product sales experience. Observing the trends in the marketplace which is my specialty.


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