Viktor Schreckengost dies at 101

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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Viktor Schreckengost, the father of industrial design and creator of the Jazz Bowl, an iconic piece of Jazz Age art designed for Eleanor Roosevelt during his association with Cowan Pottery died yesterday. He was 101.

Schreckengost was born on June 26, 1906 in Sebring, Ohio, United States.

Schreckengost’s peers included the far more famous designers Raymond Loewy and Norman Bel Geddes.

In 2000, the Cleveland Museum of Art curated the first ever retrospective of Schreckengost’s work. Stunning in scope, the exhibition included sculpture, pottery, dinnerware, drawings, and paintings.

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U.S. superbug expected to emerge in Canada

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Wednesday, January 3, 2007

An infectious superbug spreading in the United States is to “emerge in force” in Canada, doctors fear. The bacteria have been reported popping up in day care centers and locker rooms across the U.S. Usually elderly or very ill hospital patients get the disease.

More than 2 million U.S. residents are infected every year, the Centers for Disease Control estimates.

An article in the Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ) on Tuesday said that Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) are “spreading with alarming rapidity.” The bacteria can cause boils, pimples, or in extreme cases, flesh-eating disease, and more.

“The resistant bacteria is an old foe with new fangs: a pathogen combining virulence, resistance and an ability to disseminate at large,” wrote Dr. John Conly, medical professor and an infectious disease specialist at the University of Calgary.

British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario are the provinces which already have had MRSA in hospitals.

A 30-year-old Calgary, Alberta man died last year of lung abscesses associated with the infection, as well as a three-month old toddler in Toronto, Ontario.

Toronto Blue Jays outfielder Alex Rios, last summer, suffered from an infection caused by Staphylococcus aureus in his leg. Pitcher Ty Taubenheim had a similar infection on his foot.

Doctors are currently investigating some Calgary residents, who could be one of the first Canadian reports of MRSA outside of a hospital setting.

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At some point we all have to do a little banking, but before you can do that, you must open an account. There are a lot of banks and credit unions in the Schiller Park area, and most of them have the same process for opening an account. Here are some of the steps:

Bring Valid Identification

It doesn’t matter where you go, you are going to have to show some type of identification before you can open a bank account. Generally, this must be a state identification, such as a driver’s license or ID card, or a government identification, such as a passport. You will also need your Social Security number and a piece of mail that is postmarked, which shows your current address.

Bring a Deposit

The other thing that you need to open a bank account is a deposit. Most banks and credit unions require at least $25, but some of them might make an exception. The money that you bring will immediately be put into the account. You will, however, get temporary checks, which will allow you to take money out. You also might have access to an ATM card or debit card. Within a week or two, you should get permanent checks and a permanent card, which you can use to access your money.

Caveats to These Requirements

In some cases, you don’t need these requirements. For instance, if you are opening an account for a child, you won’t need a photo ID. However, you will need a copy of the child’s birth certificate and Social Security card in most cases. If you are opening a business account, you will need things like the company’s tax ID number.

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Clothes from China piling up on European borders

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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Clothes worth millions of euros are being blocked in European warehouses after the European Union imposed quotas on ten types of textiles from China.

The European Commission agreed to the quotas with China in July and many of them, including jumpers (sweaters) and trousers were quickly exceeded.

Retailers across Europe are now claiming they face massive losses. The European consumer’s organisation, BEUC, has said that most of the clothes were ordered before the agreement was made and that their blockage is “ignoring the basic laws of economics”.

A representative warned: “The new quotas will lead to higher prices and less choice for European consumers when they try to buy trousers, pullovers, women’s blouses, brassieres and other textile products in the coming months.”

The Commission is sending a representative to China to try and find a solution to the crisis, but according to the news website Euractive, the quotas are unlikely to be dropped as most EU member countries are in favour of them.

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Thursday, October 17, 2019

Yesterday, authorities in the United Kingdom and the United States announced that 337 suspected users in 38 countries were arrested following an investigation of a dark web child pornography site. The website was based in South Korea and accepted cryptocurrency as payment. Law enforcement agencies from Germany, South Korea, the United Kingdom and the United States were part of the international task force. The current phase of investigation and arrests began in 2018.

At the center of the case was a website known as “Welcome To Video” and its alleged operator Jong Woo Son from South Korea. According to authorities, the site hosted a quarter million video clips containing sexual abuse of children, including toddlers and infants. The site was said to have begun operations in June 2015. Authorities shuttered and seized the site in March 2018.

Jong Woo Son is already in prison in South Korea, but yesterday the United States Department of Justice unsealed further charges against him. United States Attorney Jessie K. Liu said, “Children around the world are safer because of the actions taken by U.S. and foreign law enforcement to prosecute this case and recover funds for victims […] We will continue to pursue such criminals on and off the darknet in the United States and abroad, to ensure they receive the punishment their terrible crimes deserve.”

Nikki Holland of the UK’s National Crime Agency (NCA) said, “Dark web child sex offenders — some of whom are the very worst offenders — cannot hide from law enforcement. They’re not as cloaked as they think they are, they’re not as safe as they think they are.” It was the NCA’s investigation of Matthew Falder which led to the discovery of the South Korean website.

Jong was arrested in March, 2018, but South Korea’s National Police Agency when announcing the arrest in May, 2018 identified him only as “Mr. A” as the international investigation continued. Some of the site’s users already pleaded guilty or were convicted before yesterday’s announcements. Allegedly, Jong processed ?7300 in membership fees and video purchases. As of this writing, one bitcoin is worth approximately US$8000 or €7000. The site also allegedly made use of Tor, a layered network designed to keep users anonymous.

US authorities claimed the site was the largest child pornography site in the world and that more than twenty active victims were rescued. Listed US states as having members from the site were: Alabama, Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nebraska, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington and Washington, D.C. They also stated arrests were made in Australia, Brazil, Canada, the Czech Republic, Germany, Ireland, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Spain, the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom.

Despite the lengthy lists provided, neither US nor British authorities delivered a complete list of the 38 countries they said were involved.

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How to get an Edge when running a Small Business


Kathryn Wong

Web designing comprises of various disciplines and their perfect use in order for the creation of perfect work of the layout of a website. The most important part of web designing is the understanding of the task and the relative nature of the website. Web designs must match the nature of the theme of the website. A website that sells items for kids should contain more colours than one that sells books. It is common knowledge that web designing requires different skill. Some of these skills include the knowledge of visual arts, HTML and the use of proprietary software such as Adobe Illustrator. A web designer works on the front end of a website which goes on display and he is the person who is solely responsible for all the art work and arrange of texts and images on the pages of a website.

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A web designer may work alone or in a group for more efficiency and occupational prowess. Web designing companies usually hire specialist people who work on different aspects of a website and then they are joined together with harmony. This requires excellent communication skills and the understanding of the nature of the website under construction. A well designed website is much easier to improve at a later time by using SEO services.

If we look at the online markets around the world, we find that more and more people are starting up their businesses online. Internet is a great place to run a small business. It is due to the fact that very little resources are needed to start a business online. If you have a well designed website prepared by a professionsmall business web designer, then you have all the chance for a break in your business venture. A well designed small business website really brings a lot of traffic to it and this turns into success in the form of revenue. Small business web designing became famous after the advent of modern web browsers. These browsers could display a lot of information and even run video files. This truly increased the number of applications and uses for different websites. HTML coding truly represented a revolution in web design and although we have many more advance tools right now for designing websites, HTML and CSS are still the most powerful tools for creating simple and attractive websites. Small businesses web designing is getting more and more popular around the world. Singapore is quite a developed area around the world and it follows all the international trends in terms of application of technology.

There are many companies that offer small business web designs in Singapore. These companies can really create wonderful web designs for small businesses in Singapore and make sure that these businesses become a gradual and constant success. Small business web design is quite an important product and it is offered by most web service companies in Singapore. These small business web designs are especially prepared and perfected for use in Singapore and they are perfect for businesses that are in their starting phase and looking to build a good reputation.

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Ghanaian presidential elections go to run-off

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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

 This story has updates See Ghanaians elect new President 

Ghana’s electoral commission announced on Wednesday that a run-off election must be held for the Ghanaian presidency. The commission said that the New Patriotic Party (NPP) candidate Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo won 49.13% of the vote, slightly more than the other main candidate, John Atta Mills of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), who obtained 47.92%. However, neither candidate reached the 50% mark needed to declare an outright winner.

Six other candidates were also present on the ballot, stealing enough votes to prevent either candidate from winning half of the vote. The third-party candidate receiving the most votes was businessman Paa Kwesi Nduom representing the Convention People’s Party (CPP), who took 1.3% of the vote.

Out of some 8.6 million votes cast, more than 200,000, or 2.4% of the full total, were rejected, which also may have helped prevent either candidate from reaching 50%. Overall voter turnout in the election was 69.52%.

The presidential candidates are vying to replace the incumbent president John Kufuor, who will be stepping down in January of next year after serving a maximum of two terms.

The electoral commission did not announce results of the simultaneous parliamentary elections, but preliminary results suggest that the NDC obtained no less than 115 seats, out of a total of 230 in the parliament. It is probable that the NPP will lose the large parliamentary majority it had enjoyed.

The run-off election is scheduled for the 28th of December.

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Friday, September 10, 2021

In the Northern Territory of Australia (NT), voters in the electoral division of Daly are scheduled to vote for a new Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) tomorrow. The previous Member, Ian Sloan of the Country Liberal Party (CLP), resigned in August. Daly covers communities near Darwin, as well as more remote places such as Timber Creek and Wadeye.

Via email, Wikinews interviewed Rebecca Jennings, who is standing in the Daly by-election as an independent candidate. Jennings previously contested the 2020 Northern Territory general election as a candidate for the Territory Alliance party. She ran in the Fannie Bay, and received 242 votes (5.6% of the vote).

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IP Lawsuits and Infringements in the GCC

In the previous year, we saw counterfeits and trademark infringement cases recording a 23% increase in Dubai alone. The number of infringement cases and lawsuits in the Gulf Cooperation Council involving the six Arabian countries witnessed a significant upswing as well. It is the independent local courts that handle the proceedings, hearings, and infringement disputes unless and until an international element is a part of the claim. In this article, we focus on IP lawsuits, instances of infringements, and counterfeit in the GCC countries that occurred over the last couple of years.

In the GCC, there is no single court system with regard to patent litigation.

PRS vs Qatar Airways

Earlier this year, Qatar Airways, which is the second-largest airline in the Middle East got into anIP violation disputeowing to a breach of music copyright that is a part of the collection on its in-flight entertainment system. The Performing Right Society (PRS) alleged the airline giant of making soundtracks available to passengers without acquiring a license or paying royalties for the same.

Dubai Officials Seizes Fake Goods Worth Millions

In another instance, in the year 2018, the CCCP (the Commercial Compliance and Consumer Protection) which is a part of the Dubai Economic Department hadconfiscated a whopping 19.9 millioncounterfeited products that were traded to the public. The most number of items that were a part of this seizure belonged to the cosmetics category and was worth more than Dh 90 million. In the same year, it was also discovered that a large number of fragrances that are sold in smaller stores are fake and hence are being sold at ridiculously low prices. Not only is it a poor imitation of a brand, but it was also found to contain hazardous chemicals and antifreeze substitutes that cause rashes, skin allergies, and inflammation. When customers pick up these products and perform a quick assessment, the presence of a barcode tends to make them believe that it is original. However, replicating a barcode is not in any way harder than imitating the look and packaging of the actual product.

Over 68,000 Conned by Ecommerce Website in Oman

Another alleged scam that recently came to light was in Oman where the authorities found that a popular e-commerce store that had a shopper base of more than 68,000 people had been selling counterfeit electronic gadgets. It was seen that thee-commerce marketplace sold a huge range of gadgetsat exceptionally low prices and defrauded customers through purchases worth more than $6000. A lack of vigilance was highly prevalent in the e-commerce partners as less credible sellers cropped up in their portals. There was no proper scrutiny or quality checks of products to ensure their genuineness to customers.

Toyota Car Parts Confiscated Across UAE

In November 2019, Al-Futtaim Toyota and UAE Government authorities had discovered fake car parts and fraudulent practices in some of the automobile dealer stores. Theseized counterfeit car partssuch as unsafe brake pads and low-quality oil filters were such that they could potentially endanger the lives of passengers.

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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Philippines Foreign Secretary Albert del Rosario is scheduled to visit China from July 7 to 9, raising hopes that a territorial dispute between the two countries may be resolved.

A six-nation dispute has escalated in the sea concerning territorial claims to several islands including the Spratly Islands. The area is thought to be rich in natural gas and oil. Both the Philippines and China wish to have a peaceful resolution to this conflict. “I’ve been invited to Beijing and we’re looking for peaceful means to settle the challenges facing us,” said Del Rosario.

The news comes after the United States and the Philippines began a series of naval exercises last week in the South China Sea, scheduled to last for 11 days. A Philippine military commander stated that the drills are part of an annual series of activities taking place under a defense agreement between the two countries and have nothing to do with the territorial dispute.

The Philippines maintains a close relation with the U.S. as a former territory of the nation.

The drills come at a time when several competing disputes in the South China Sea have begun to intensify. “Since February 25th, we actually have noted as many as nine intrusions of different varieties, but clearly becoming more aggressive and more frequent,” said Del Rosario. Several countries in Asia, including China, the Philippines, Vietnam, Brunei, Malaysia, and Taiwan, have territorial claims in the area spanning the Spratly and Paracel Islands. The region may be rich in oil and gas reserves. The US and Philippines have urged the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) to address the conflict.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has argued that the United States would remain neutral regarding the disputes. She has also said that the United States has a “national interest” in freedom of navigation, respect for international law, and unimpeded, lawful commerce in the South China Sea.” Both countries are bound by a 1951 Mutual Defense Treaty.

On June 27, the US Senate unanimously passed a motion condemning “the use of force by naval and maritime security vessels from China in the South China Sea.” China, on the other hand, has stated that it will not use force to resolve disputes in the South China Sea.

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