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Saturday, July 8, 2006

The U.S. Army’s surgeon general, Lt. Gen. Kevin C. Kiley, told reporters Friday that soldiers exhibiting personality disorders would not be automatically discharged because many can continue to perform their duties well. However, the army did discharge more than 1,000 soldiers last year for personality disorders. Among them was Steven Dale Green, who now stands accused of raping a young Iraqi female and murdering her and her family.

Kiley also said; “There is something very demanding and tough about being in combat. And anything that would be perceived as being weak and not ready and tough carries with it some stigma.”

U.S. Defense Department officials announced last month that they have set up a task force to study the mental health of American troops. The 14-member Mental Health Task Force’s primary job is to produce a required report for Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and Congress before June 2007 that lays out a long-term plan to improve the effectiveness of the military’s mental health treatments, according to a Pentagon press release.

On May 4, prior to the creation of the task force, U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer said the military faces a “mental health crisis” and criticized the Pentagon for inaction. In a letter to Rumsfeld, Boxer noted that 25 soldiers committed suicide in Iraq and Afghanistan in 2005, up from 20 soldiers the year before.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

The leading supplier of school uniforms in the United Kingdom, Lancashire-based manufacturer Trutex, has announced it is “seriously considering” including GPS tracking devices in future ranges of its uniform products after conducting an online survey of both parents and children.

“As a direct result of the survey, we are now seriously considering incorporating a [tracking] device into future ranges” said Trutex marketing director Clare Rix.

The survey questioned 809 parents and 444 children aged nine to 16. It showed that 44% of parents were worried about the safety of pre-teen children, and 59% wanted tracking devices installed in school apparel. 39% of children aged nine to 12 were prepared to wear clothing with tracking devices in them, while teenagers were notably less enthusiastic and more wary of what Trutex has admitted they see as a “big brother” concept.

However, Trutex has claimed the tracking devices would bring about worthwhile benefits, including being a valuable resource for parents who wanted to keep a close eye on where their children were at all times.

“As well as being a safety net for parents, there could be real benefits for schools who could keep a closer track on the whereabouts of their pupils, potentially reducing truancy levels” says Rix.

Each year, Trutex supplies 1 million blouses, 1.1 million shirts, 250,000 pairs of trousers, 20,000 blazers, 60,000 skirts and 110,000 pieces of knitwear to the UK.

It is not the first company to manufacture school uniforms with a central focus on child safety; last week Essex firm BladeRunner revealed it was selling stab-proof school blazers to parents concerned about violence against their children. The blazers were outfitted with Kevlar, a synthetic fibre used in body armour. It has already received orders internationally, including Australia.

If the Trutex tracking devices go ahead, it is unclear where in the uniform they will be located.

Lip Piercing 101

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By Art Nahshon

Lip piercing is practiced by many ancient tribes. The Dogon tribe of Mali, for example, regards the piercing of the lip as a way of commemorating the way their ancestor spirit,


, gave them the power of speech. In the society of the ancient Aztecs and Mayans, a man who has a lip piercing is a member of the higher caste and he usually wears jewelry made from gold and jade. Today, a lot of people, including some celebrities, wear lip rings because of the way it allows them to express themselves.

Although it may give you the

bad girl


YouTube Preview Image

bad boy

appeal that you would like to portray, do take note that going through lip piercing is no joke. It is a decision that involves facing risks and consequences that might cause you to regret your actions later. Also, you have to remember that a lip piercing isnt something that you can just remove after you have grown tired of it. So, if youre still up to getting a lip piercing, here are some things you need to take note of before going through it.

Who and Where?

Ask around and pick an artist who is well-recommended. Make sure that he has a certificate from the

Association of Professional Piercers (APP)

. This is an organization of piercing artists that make safety rules that prevent you from incurring health risks due to piercing. Also, pick a piercing salon that is clean and has artists who sanitize their hands before doing a piercing. You should also make sure that they use sterilized needles in sealed packages and not a piercing gun. Remember that piercing guns cannot be sterilized and if they use one on you, youre bound to get an infection from your piercing.

The Placement

Since you will be living with it for the rest of your life, you should know where you want to have your lip piercing done. Putting a lip ring on your lower lip is very much recommended because it doesnt have any contact with your gums and wouldnt cause any damages in this area in the future.

You can also have a labret stud on the area below your lower lip. This is also called a labret. Because the flat disk is squeezed between the back of the lip and the gums, the placement of this lip piercing is very important because it can hurt your gums.

If youre feeling adventurous, it is also possible to put a labret stud above the upper lip. Because it is related to the placement of Marilyn Monroes beauty mark, it is called a Monroe piercing. And, if you are a very daring person, you can also opt for Angelbites, which consists of two upper lip piercings on both sides of the lip. Only labret studs can be used for this type of lip piercing. Snakebites, on the other hand, are just like Angelbites. The difference is that Snakebites are found on the opposite sides of the lower lip and both rings and studs can be used for this type of lip piercing.

Before choosing any of these placements, it would be a good idea to imagine what it would be like to have them on your mouth. After all, you wouldnt want to get a lip piercing that would affect the way you speak, eat or drink.

About the Author: Getting a

lip piercing

? Visit for more information. You will also find information on

Monroe lip piercings


nose piercings



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Friday, June 26, 2015

Annabel Goldie, Scottish Conservative Party leader from 2005 to 2011, has announced she will stand down as an MSP at the next elections in 2016. Goldie, who has been an MSP for the West Scotland (previously West of Scotland) electoral region since the Scottish Parliament’s formation in 1999, said she intends to focus on her role in the House of Lords, where she has been a peer since 2013.File:Annabel Goldie.jpg

In a statement today, Goldie said leading the party was an “enormous honour” for her. She also said: “It has afforded me both satisfaction and pleasure to serve my constituents and to serve the parliament and I will look back with great happiness at my time as an MSP. I am grateful to friends and colleagues from all parties for their support. Sometimes we found common ground, sometimes we disagreed but never I hope with rancour nor disrespect. Politics is a rough trade but we have built a strong parliament in Scotland of which we can all be rightly proud.” She said because of Ruth Davidson, her successor as Scottish Conservative leader, the party is now “in fine fettle and stands a great chance of making real progress in the years ahead,” concluding by saying: “I look forward to continuing to work as part of that effort in the House of Lords in the years to come.”

Davidson responded to the news by calling Goldie an “unstoppable force”, adding: “She has been an inspiration to a whole generation of Scottish Conservatives, and she has been a tremendous mentor, support and friend to me. In Holyrood, she has fostered both affection and respect from all members – regardless of their political affiliation – and her retirement from the Scottish Parliament will leave an Annabel-sized hole which won’t ever quite be filled. She is unique.” Meanwhile, David Cameron, UK Conservative leader and UK Prime Minister, said: “Annabel is one of those rare breeds in Scottish politics, somebody known by her first name alone. When she was Scottish Conservative leader, I valued her sage advice. She has been a towering strength to our party in Scotland, a doughty debater in the TV studios and Scottish Parliament and has one of the sharpest wits around. I wish her a long and happy retirement after 17 years unstinting service at Holyrood – but look forward to seeing her on the red benches of the Lords for years to come.”

In Holyrood, she has fostered both affection and respect from all members – regardless of their political affiliation – and her retirement from the Scottish Parliament will leave an Annabel-sized hole which won’t ever quite be filled. She is unique.

Goldie, the Scottish Conservatives’ first ever female leader, was elected unopposed. She took up the role in the aftermath of David McLetchie’s resignation from the role in an expenses usage controversy and subsequent resignation of Brian Monteith from his Conservative whip role in the Scottish Parliament for briefing the media against him. Meanwhile, as Scottish Conservatives won 18 seats in the Scottish Parliament in 1999 and 2003, the party had been less successful in UK general elections in Scotland; Conservatives went up from zero out of a possible 72 UK MPs in Scotland in 1997 to one in 2001. This led to Goldie remarking in her inaugural speech in 2005 that: “The wheels are back on the wagon – and I’m the nag hitched up to tow it.” She also said: “The party is still way ahead of where it was in 1997. And my first task is to take it forward to 2007.” However, under Goldie’s leadership, the number of seats the Scottish Conservatives won in the Scottish Parliament slightly decreased from 18 in 2003 to 17 in 2007 and to 15 in 2011. At the same time, the number of Conservative MPs stood at one out of a possible 59 after the 2010 UK general election.

In the aforementioned 2005 speech, she also said the party could be trusted with devolution in Scotland, adding: “making devolution work better means real devolution: not the lumbering and cripplingly expensive array of government departments, government advisers, consultants, quangos, quasi-quangos and agencies with all their expensive appendages, but devolving down to people and their communities, their right to make their own decisions about their lives, how for example they procure healthcare and how they educate their children.” Goldie would go on to sit on the advisory board for the Smith Commission, which was set up to examine which further political powers should be devolved to Scotland following the 2014 Scottish independence referendum. More recently, Goldie supported a reduction in the voting age for Scottish Parliament elections from 18 to 16 in a vote earlier this month, commenting: “I think it is an opportunity for them to continue their high level of engagement in topical affairs that we saw with the independence referendum.”

Goldie, a member of the Salvation Army’s West of Scotland Advisory Board and a Church of Scotland elder, is not the only Scottish Conservative MSP intending to stand down in 2016. Mary Scanlon, Gavin Brown, Alex Fergusson and Nanette Milne all reportedly intend to leave the Scottish Parliament next year.

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New version of Firefox web browser released

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Tuesday, March 1, 2005

Mountain View, California, USA —The Mozilla Foundation recently released an update to Mozilla Firefox. According to the developers, Mozilla Firefox 1.0.1 patches 17 security flaws and improves stability. The update is available from by clicking ‘Download Now’ or ‘Other Systems and Languages‘.

Windows users should currently be seeing a small icon on the menu bar of the browser indicating that an Automatic Update to the new version is now available for installation.

Mozilla Firefox 1.0.1 is available at the time of writing in US English, French, Spanish (Latin American), German, Italian, Dutch, Finnish and Polish, among many other languages.

However the updated Windows version has a flaw affecting anyone who previously installed Firefox as a ‘zipped’ build, rather than using the standard automatic installer method. (Zipped builds are often customized versions designed for increased speed or development work). If version 1.0.1 is installed over a zipped build, users are reporting that the browser crashes when attempting to enter text into the location or search boxes.

Anyone encountering this problem is advised to delete their Mozilla Firefox folder in ‘Program Files’, then re-install. Their bookmarks, extensions etc will not be affected.

Football: Everton defeat Fulham 4-1 at Goodison Park

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Friday, April 6, 2007

Everton FC 4 1 Fulham FC
Match Stats
Attendance 35612
Goalscorers for Everton FC Carsley (25′), Stubbs (34′), Vaughan (45′), Anichebe (80′)
Goalscorers for Fulham FC Bocanegra (22′)
Bookings (Everton FC) None
Bookings (Fulham FC) None

Everton came from behind to thrash Fulham 4-1 on Friday at Goodison Park. Everton had a chance to jump into fifth place in the league ahead of Bolton, while Fulham could have jumped from fifteenth all the way to eleventh, boosting their chances of league survival. England international Andy Johnson was paired with 18 year old James Vaughan up front for Everton, while Chris Coleman’s Fulham had a full North American strike force through American Bryan McBride and Canadian Thomasz Radzinski.

The visitors started the game strongly with long range efforts from Rosenior and Smertin, but neither were able to bother Tim Howard in the Everton goal. Mikel Arteta was able to trouble Antti Niemi, however, in the Fulham goal, but the Finnish keeper did well to keep the ball out of the bottom corner. Carlos Bocanegra then opened Everton wide open as he stole away from the defenders and headed home Simon Davies’ cross, giving Fulham the lead after 22 minutes. Everton answered back quickly through Lee Carsley after Joleon Lescott’s ball found him in the box, and Carsley knocked home the equalizing goal. Everton put Fulham on the back foot after their goal, and shoul have taken the lead when a nice interchange of play between Vaughan and Johnson left Vaughaun all alone on net, but his shot was hit off the post, and bobbled safely to a Fulham defender. Everton were then awarded a free kick in the Fulham zone, and Mikel Arteta stepped up to take. His outswinging ball was glanced off the head of Alan Stubbs, and it somehow eluded Niemi, as the homeside took the lead. Vaughaun would hit the post again several minutes later, but he finally notched him name on the scoresheet just before the break. Arteta and Johnson made room on the left side, and Arteta’s cross was finished well by the young Vaughan, giving Everton a demanding 3-1 lead.

After the break, Fulham came out strongly, eager to get back into the match. McBride had two good chances from headers, but he was unable to find the net on either. Zat Knight then had a chance for Fulham, but the cottagers where again unable to get their attempts on target. Vuaghan was soon replaced by fellow youngster Victor Anichebe, and he made a nearly instant impact. Anichebee received a pass within the box, and he cooly side-footed the ball hard and low past Niemi, leaving the keeper no chance, and guaranteeing Everton the win on the afternoon. Substitute Helguson had two chances in quick succession for Fulham, but it wasn’t to be their day, as the cottagers drop dangerously into relegation contention.

Everton’s next match in the league is in only 3 days time against Bolton, who are now in sixth place after the Toffee’s win. Fulham on the other hand will be facing off with fellow relegation contenders Manchester City at Craven Cottage, and it is looking up to be a true relegation six-pointer.

This exclusive interview features first-hand journalism by a Wikinews reporter. See the collaboration page for more details.

Friday, November 3, 2006

On November 13, Torontonians will be heading to the polls to vote for their ward’s councillor and for mayor. Among Toronto’s ridings is Beaches—East York (Ward 32). Four candidates responded to Wikinews’ requests for an interview. This ward’s candidates include Donna Braniff, Alan Burke, Sandra Bussin (incumbent), William Gallos, John Greer, John Lewis, Erica Maier, Luca Mele, and Matt Williams.

For more information on the election, read Toronto municipal election, 2006.


  • 1 Sandra Bussin (incumbent)
  • 2 William Gallos
  • 3 Erica Maier
  • 4 Luca Mele

BBC spends £3.4m on sell-off

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Friday, June 27, 2008

Newspaper The Guardian reports today that the sale of the BBC subsidiary BBC Resources Ltd., has cost £3.4m in consultancy fees — over £1m more than the £2.3m trading profit the commercial division is estimated to have made for the last financial year. Details of the failed privatisation were released by the BBC following a freedom of information request, and prior to publication of its annual report on July 8.

Fourteen months after advisers were appointed to try to sell BBC Resources Ltd., only one of the three main business units has been sold — its Outside Broadcast division to Satellite Information Services Limited (SIS), for an estimated £20m. On March 7, 2008 it was also announced that the studios operation would remain in BBC ownership and in early June, the fate of the third business was put on hold with the BBC stating that “like Studios, Post Production will remain within BBC Resources, which will continue to operate as a wholly-owned commercial subsidiary of the BBC.”

BBC Resources Ltd. made an operating profit of £6.1m for 2005-06, down from £7.4m the year before, with the BBC accounting for 83.3% of its turnover, down from 87.4% for 2004-05. Last year’s published figure for 2006-07 was £5.2 million — with BBC business at 80% of turnover.

BECTU Assistant General Secretary Luke Crawley is quoted as saying: “It’s fairly outrageous that around half the profit of the company [announced last year] has been spent trying to sell it. It’s an inordinate amount of money. The BBC was promised big returns if it sold BBC Resources but it’s only managed to sell outside broadcasts and we do not know how much it made out of that. We think the £3.4m is a poor investment.”


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