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Saturday, December 14, 2013

At a meeting of the Council of Australian Governments yesterday leaders of the Australian states and territories agreed to a deal with Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott which would delegate more environmental decision-making powers to the states and territories about projects that might affect the environment. The “one-stop shops” policy would mean that the states would do more of the assessments for projects with the intention that eventually some states would have the full authority to make the decisions.

Two states, Queensland and New South Wales, have agreed with Abbott a policy of “assessment bilaterals”. Abbott described them as follows: “Under those assessment bilaterals the states will do all the assessment work and we hope that in the not-too-distant future we will have approvals bilaterals in place which will mean the states will not only do the assessment but will also do the approvals.” All of the states and territories signed memoranda of understanding with the federal government on the issue of environmental regulation.

Tony Abbott argued it would not harm the environment and the “same high standards of environmental approval” would be used, but decisions would be quicker. The Australian government would still hold the power of veto over projects they deem environmentally problematic.

The Business Council of Australia welcomed the move, saying the regulation changes were a “long overdue breakthrough”.

The Australian Green Party has condemned the policy. Senator Larissa Waters, environment spokeswoman for the Greens, told reporters: “These deals pave the way for Tony Abbott to abolish a 30-year-old federal safeguard for our most precious natural places and wildlife, established when Bob Hawke stepped in to save the Franklin from being dammed […] Labor governments in South Australia, Tasmania and the ACT are trashing Bob Hawke’s legacy and contradicting federal Labor’s position”.

She continued: “Tony Abbott wants to put states and territories in charge of approving environmentally destructive projects that impact our World Heritage Areas and nationally endangered species.”

Jess Abrahams from the Australian Conservation Foundation also expressed opposition to the changes: “The memoranda of understanding signed today paves the way for the undoing of 30 years of national protection for places and species of national environmental importance”.

The Council also discussed truancy by indigenous students and the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

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Submitted by: Ryan Pitts

A good starting

The best will be to train your labradoodle from the first day of their home entry. There are various type of training program for the dogs using sounds, toys, tasks, and other material influencing your puppy for the fun, easy going, and well train. The most appropriate time for the training is between 8 and 11 weeks. During this time they can understand what to do to be prepared for the world.


The puppy must be trained as much as possible. With certain amount of love and devotion, they become the best one knowing their own limitation and the sooner they are trained, quickly they gather all these habits. Labradoodle can be trained easily and the strict training results for the better rewards. The potty training should be given completely with other tasks like sitting, shaking, retrieving at the month of 3 and many more. Some will jump upon you but the consistency in the training will break these habits.


Crate Training for your labradoodle

There is a huge importance of crate in the dog s life. This is the safe place for protection from the outer things and the disturbance or the noises the puppies have yet to overcome. This is the place where they can have the peaceful sleep and should be big enough to rotate around. The crate should be filled with toys and the bedding shouldn t be provided until they learn to potty outside or they can withstand their business. The crate should be at the room nearer to the bedroom close to you human and later on can be moved to the safer room where they can stay while the visitor are in home. The purpose of the crate training is to hold the pee for the certain time. But still some do it in the crate while some don t. Initially let the dog crate for 2 or 3 hours in night and afterward longer period. At first, get up twice at the night and let your puppy out, and after two days let the puppy out once at night. And like this, gradually increase the time until they pass the whole night. So later on you can shift your puppy for the room training.

Don t forget to remove the food and water out of the crate when you keep the puppy in the crate.

Room Training

This is as similar to the crate training but the only difference is the crate is replaced by the room. You can select a safe room like extra bathroom or the utility room. So when the visitors come over who aren t dog people, the dog can be kept inside it. The bedding is usually for peeing, so don t put the bed until they have learned to withstand it for long interval. Some have impatience and pee on the bed, which is the reason of using the wee pads for the dogs.

First confine them in the room for one or two hour and afterward for the longer time but not more than 4 hour during their childhood. As the labradoodle puppy will grow up they will be able to withstand the pee for the whole night. You can get up twice at night at first and gradually increasing the time and finally once for night. And when leaving the dog inside the room, remove any kind of food and water from the room. They should be taken out to empty the room if left in the room.

This is the basic training given to the labradoodle during labradoodle puppy training. The crucial care must be given in the crate and room training as they will be small and you could be lured by their innocence. But don t forget to train them properly as this is the important time of puppy training.

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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Raed Jarrar, an Iraqi peace activist who lives in the United States, was forced to change his T-Shirt, which bore an Arabic slogan, because it was found “offensive”.

The incident took place in JFK airport in New York. The activist Jarrar reported in his blog RaedInTheMiddle that he had checked-in his bags and was issued a boarding pass. After waiting near the gate to board his jetBlue airlines flight, and after having to gone through a secondary search, two officials approached him.

“People are feeling offended because of your t-shirt,” Raed reported that one of the men said to him. The writings on the T-Shirt said in both Arabic and English: “We will not be silent”.

Raed asked why this has offended anyone, and insisted his right to freedom of expression was violated.

According to Jarrar, one of the inspectors said, “You can’t wear a T-shirt with Arabic script and come to an airport. It is like wearing a t-shirt that reads ‘I am a robber’ and going to a bank”. The airport official, unable to read Arabic, was unyielding to protests by Jarrar that the English language version of the Arabic was accurate, and suggested he wear the shirt inside out.

“Many people called and complained about your t-shirt. Jetblue customers were calling before you reached the checkpoint, and customers called when you were waiting here in the boarding area”, Jarrar was told after he complained.

One employee from JetBlue offered to buy Jarrar a T-shirt to replace the one he was wearing, since the activist had none other after his bags were checked. Refusing at first, he agreed to wear one with “New York” written on it.

The officer on the scene commented that it need not have gone from one extreme to the other: wearing a T-Shirt with an Arabic peace slogan on it, to wearing one with ‘New York’. There is no reason to hate New York if you are an Arab speaking peace activist, according to Jarrar.

“I feel very sad that my personal freedom was taken away like this. I grew up under authoritarian governments in the Middle East, and one of the reasons I chose to move to the U.S. was that I don’t want an officer to make me change my t-shirt. I will pursue this incident today through a constitutional rights organization, and I am sure we will meet soon,” Raed said.

He was issued another boarding pass, with a different seat at the back of the plane.

JetBlue said it was investigating the incident but a spokeswoman said: “We’re not clear exactly what happened.” The spokeswoman also said the airline does not forbid Arabic T-shirts, but that it does take into account the concerns of its passengers.

The American-Arab Anti-discrimination Committee said the US Transportation Department and the Transportation Security Administration were also investigating the incident after the committee lodged complaints on behalf of Jarrar.

“We Will Not Be Silent” is a slogan adopted by opponents of the war in Iraq and other conflicts in the Middle East.

It is said to derive from the White Rose dissident group which opposed Nazi rule in Germany.

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Junk food to be banned in English schools

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Saturday, October 1, 2005

The British Education Secretary, Ruth Kelly, announced during the week that junk food is to be banned from schools in England from September 1st 2006. Items such as crisps, sweets, chocolate bars and chewing gum are expected to be among the items banned.

Junk foods are classified as those high in fat, salt or sugar. Recently the British government committed £280m to improving school food over the next three years. That followed a campaign by celebrity chef, Jamie Oliver, to improve school food.

The action by the British government to ban junk food has already sparked debate in Ireland whether they should follow suit.

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byAlma Abell

By having your Cosmetic Surgery in Orange County you are going in a positive direction of more power and prestige. Those are just two of the things you will have by improving your appearance with plastic surgery.

Your path to improving your looks to a more glamourous you is just a phone call away. This call is to set an appointment with a plastic surgeon in Orange County so you can definitely know your options on this path to self improvement. By doing this you will be joining thousand that have already decided to improve their look so they can be all they can be.

Deciding on what to improve through Cosmetic Surgery in Orange County


Now that you have decided to improve your look and increase your self esteem through cosmetic surgery in Orange County, it is time to chose the parts of your body and or face that could do with a touch up. This is easily done by just looking in the mirror.

When observing yourself in the mirror, take your time. Most women go for an improvement of their breasts. If that is the case you should also look at your mid section. If you have love handles and or excessive fatty tissue, those should also be removed. With a new set of breasts and a skinny torso, your look in a bikini would be spectacular.

Next take a look at your legs, particularly at your thighs. If there is any cellulite present then a great option is for liposuction to remove it. With this accomplished your legs will match your tummy and new breasts for a massive improvement over before your plastic surgery.

For some it is the facial features that annoy them the most. If youth has disappeared from your face, then it might be time for a full or partial facelift. Another area to help bring back that youthful look and feel would be a neck lift. This way you can easily have the excessive skin removed that will instantly shave decades off of your appearance.

Next look around your eyes, do they look puffy and tired? An eyelid lift would be a great way of having that youthful appearance so you will look like you feel. Everyone you will talk to will look at your eyes. With this plastic surgery completed, the sparkle will return and you will be seeing smiles when others gaze upon you.

Now it is time to turn around and look at your derriere. Does it still have the same bouncy shape that was once there that made heads turns as you walk by or walked away? If you are witnessing a saggy or droopy rear, then it is defiantly time for a change. This is really easy with the latest style of Brazilian Butt Lift. With this completed you will once again make a statement without even to say a word.

These are the options you have to choose from when deciding just what to improve about your looks with cosmetic surgery. There are many others types of plastic surgery like rhinoplasty for a better nose, but the ones mentioned above will be noticed by anyone who gazes upon you.

Now you know what you want to be improved it is time to schedule an appointment for Cosmetic Surgery in Orange County with a plastic surgeon in your area. A highly respected plastic surgeon we know of is Dr. Taneja who works at My Look, a plastic surgery office in Newport Beach. Remember the more you have done at the same time, the less overall recovery time will be on your fantastic path to self improvement than if you did one at a time.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The discovery of the presence of airborne asbestos in a middle school in Montclair, New Jersey Friday prompted the evacuation of over 200 students from the school and the school’s closure. Renaissance Middle School, part of the Montclair Public Schools in New Jersey, was closed Monday and remains closed Tuesday while undergoing asbestos testing and cleaning.

According to a letter sent home to parents by the Superintendent’s Office of Montclair Public Schools on Friday, “plaster may have been disturbed” during construction on new fire doors at the Renaissance School building on Thursday.

An inspection arranged by the school district indicated asbestos was present in the plaster, and a subsequent inspection performed by asbestos consultant Detail Associates revealed “a level of airborne asbestos fibers that exceeded the acceptable range” in the third floor hallway of the school. Montclair Public Schools business administrator Dana Sullivan told The Star-Ledger that testing conducted on March 31 revealed the presence of asbestos in a brown undercoating of plaster at the Renaissance School building.

The safety of our students and staff is always our first concern.

The affected area was sealed off, and some students were moved to other areas of the building while others were moved to off-site locations. District Public Information Officer Laura Federico told The Montclair Times that sixth and seventh graders were transported to Hillside Elementary School, and eighth graders were bussed to Montclair High School. “The safety of our students and staff is always our first concern,” said Federico.

According to The Montclair Times, Detail Associates conducted a cleaning protocol at the school on Saturday and tested the building to make sure it did not contain unacceptable levels of asbestos fibers. The letter sent to parents Friday by the Superintendent’s Office said that Detail Associates had told the district that the building would be “cleaned, tested and cleared for occupancy by Monday morning”. The school remained closed Monday, and a meeting was held between parents and school district officials. A Parent-Teacher Association meeting is planned for Wednesday night.

The Star-Ledger reported that the ongoing asbestos cleanup of the school is being supervised by the state Department of Environmental Protection. At the meeting Monday morning between parents and school district officials, parents demanded that the inside of lockers be included as part of the asbestos cleanup. This additional step in the asbestos inspection process prompted the school’s closure Tuesday. A Monday statement by the Business Office of Montclair Public Schools said that the Renaissance School would remain closed Tuesday for sixth and seventh grade students “so that an extensive cleanup and additional asbestos testing can be completed”. Eighth grade students did not have classes scheduled as a trip to Washington, D.C. had previously been planned; the school trip is unaffected by the recent asbestos incident.

The kids will be able to go back to school soon, and that’s the important part.

Steve Jaraczewski of Detail Associates was present at the district meeting Monday, and said that one of four test samples taken at the school was positive for the presence of airborne asbestos at over six times acceptable levels. Jaraczewski was critical of the asbestos management plan provided by Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Newark, which owns the school’s building and leases it to Montclair Public Schools.

Jaraczewski said that the state Department of Environmental Protection has required asbestos management plans since 1988, but that the company that drafted the asbestos plan for the Archdiocese of Newark is out of business. Representative for the archdiocese Jim Goodness emphasized that the building would be back open for classes soon. “The kids will be able to go back to school soon, and that’s the important part,” said Goodness.

Exposure to airborne asbestos can lead to mesothelioma, a cancer which develops in the sac surrounding the lungs and chest cavity, abdominal cavity, or the sac surrounding the heart. Exposure to disturbed asbestos fibers can also lead to lung scarring, a condition called asbestosis, and lung cancer. Patients with malignant mesothelioma generally do not have positive outcomes, and once diagnosed have six months to a year to live.

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Honda recalls fire risk cars

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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Honda have issued a recall for 646,000 cars around the world due to a potential fault that could cause a fire. The recall involves the ‘Jazz’ range of cars, which is known by its alternative name, Fit, in some countries.

water intrusion into the power window switch housing may in some instances cause a short circuit

Three incidents involving the problem, caused by a defective master switch, have been reported worldwide, two in the US and one in South Africa. In September 2009, Vanilla Nurse, a two-year old girl, was sleeping in one of the models, when the hatchback in Cape Town caught fire. Following the accident, Honda “launched an extensive investigation to determine the cause of the incident,” according to a statement issued today. Although they could not isolate the cause of the fire, “the investigation has shown that water intrusion into the power window switch housing may in some instances cause a short circuit, which in exceptional circumstances may lead to potential damages”.

Just 10% of cars are expected to need new switches. The remainder will need a waterproof skirt in order to keep water out.

Rival Toyota was forced to recall vehicles on Thursday, citing floor mats that may stick accelerator pedals to the floor. There are fears that Toyota may have to widen their recall to cover up to eight million cars.


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By Everett Maclachlan

Building more muscle is smart for a lot of reasons. First, it just looks good to have a well-muscled, toned body. Also, having stronger muscles reduces your chances of incurring serious injuries. And, there is an added health benefit: the more muscular you are, the faster your body will burn fat naturally. That is because your resting metabolism rate – the rate at which you burn calories while at rest – actually increases when you have a lower body fat percentage.

People who have experience with working out with both weights and with cardio techniques (e.g., walking, jogging, swimming, biking, etc.) know that it can be hard to balance both within a regular workout routine. In other words: to really “go intense” with a cardio workout can take away from the energy and muscle strength you need for an intense bodybuilding workout – and vice versa.

Even if your primary goal is to build muscle while staying at least in fairly good shape from a cardio perspective, you still may be at a loss for just how much cardio to work into your weekly workout routine.

If you are wondering, “How much cardio is needed when building muscle?”, here are 5 tips for optimizing cardio in your workouts:

1. Too much cardio can detract from your muscle-building goals:


While everybody is different, in general doing too much cardio each week can take away from your ability to build muscle at the maximum rate. This is because doing a lot of running, swimming, biking, etc. between workouts can deplete the muscle energy that you would otherwise be devoting to doing strength-building exercises.

2. But some cardio is a good idea:

Still, even if your only real goal is to build bigger muscles, doing some cardio is a good idea. For example, cardio can help you to keep from getting winded during your weightlifting workouts, and it can also help to increase blood flow to your muscles.

3. Do cardio 2 or 3 times per week for about 20 minutes:

By doing cardio exercises not more than 2-3 times per week for about 20 minutes at a time, you should be able to get enough exercise in to work your heart and burn some calories in a healthy way.

4. You will eventually want to choose to focus on either cardio or weight training:

Of course, if down the road you believe that you will want to really focus on getting into shape on the cardio side of things – such as when you are gearing up for a marathon – you will likely need to scale back on your weight workouts. It is difficult for anybody to really focus with maximum intensity on both types of exercises for long periods of time.

5. Pay attention to the needs of your body:

Remember, no matter what you read here or anywhere else, be sure to continue to listen to the needs of your body. Each person’s body is unique and it has its own wisdom. Listen to what your body is telling you in order to maximize your workouts for desired results.

Take these 5 tips into account as you focus on getting the balance right between cardio and doing strength-building exercises to build more muscle.

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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

In a continuing crackdown on tax evasion, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has alleged that brokers with a branch of RBC Dominion Securities, Canada’s largest brokerage company, helped clients set up accounts in the small European principality of Liechtenstein in order to avoid taxation on their wealth.

In affadavits submitted by the CRA, brokers with an RBC Dominion Securities office in Victoria, British Columbia, allegedly helped clients set up 16 offshore entities with a division of the LGT Group in Liechtenstein. While that is not a crime under Canadian law, auditors allege that the entities were used to help Canadians hide worldwide income. Thirteen individuals are either being audited or have made voluntary disclosures, admitting to tax evasion. The agency is presently investigating to see if there are any other individuals participating in this scheme. Regarding the inquiry, dubbed “Project Jade”, the CRA will only say that it was launched on information from a “confidential informant”.

RBC issued a written statement, saying “As a firm, we have never encouraged Canadians — not 25 years ago and not today — to set up entities in Liechtenstein, and we have never instructed our investment advisers to recommend that practice,” and “we comply with all CRA requirements. This means that we provide all our clients with the forms they need to meet their personal tax obligations, and also file reports with CRA that form the basis for reviews such as this.”

Three RBC employees are presently being investigated, with one remaining unidentified.

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Euro reaches new lows

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Friday, July 15, 2011

On Tuesday, the Euro fell to a new record low in relation to the Swiss Franc, and to multi-month lows against the U.S. Dollar and Japanese yen; all considered by investors to be safe currencies during times of economic turmoil.

The Wall Street Journal reported earlier that recent comments from the newly installed head of the International Monetary Fund, France’s Christine Lagarde, resulted in a sell-off of the Euro. At a roundtable discussion in Washington, Lagarde noted that the IMF had not yet reached discussion of terms and conditions of a second Greek bailout plan. In fact, a representative from the IMF is currently meeting with Eurozone policymakers to draft such a new proposal. The yield differential between Italian bonds and German bonds has spread to more than 300 basis points, something not seen in over a decade and evidence of investors’ concern.

Adding to the Euro’s woes is the upcoming release of the bank stress tests on Friday. The European Bankers Association said that they expect the data release to shed new light on the Eurozone’s banking situation. Representatives of several of the Eurozone’s governments, including Germany, have requested that the association consider releasing fewer specific details for fear that investor panic will ensue. The inadequacy of the capitalization rates has been an issue with the European Central Bank, whose president recently called upon Eurozone banks to make every effort to put their balance sheets in order.

For the time being at least, an unsubstantiated rumor reported by the Wall Street Journal states that the Eurozone’s central banks’ purchase of periphery debt has helped to quell the downward momentum of the Euro.

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