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Saturday, July 8, 2006

The U.S. Army’s surgeon general, Lt. Gen. Kevin C. Kiley, told reporters Friday that soldiers exhibiting personality disorders would not be automatically discharged because many can continue to perform their duties well. However, the army did discharge more than 1,000 soldiers last year for personality disorders. Among them was Steven Dale Green, who now stands accused of raping a young Iraqi female and murdering her and her family.

Kiley also said; “There is something very demanding and tough about being in combat. And anything that would be perceived as being weak and not ready and tough carries with it some stigma.”

U.S. Defense Department officials announced last month that they have set up a task force to study the mental health of American troops. The 14-member Mental Health Task Force’s primary job is to produce a required report for Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and Congress before June 2007 that lays out a long-term plan to improve the effectiveness of the military’s mental health treatments, according to a Pentagon press release.

On May 4, prior to the creation of the task force, U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer said the military faces a “mental health crisis” and criticized the Pentagon for inaction. In a letter to Rumsfeld, Boxer noted that 25 soldiers committed suicide in Iraq and Afghanistan in 2005, up from 20 soldiers the year before.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

The leading supplier of school uniforms in the United Kingdom, Lancashire-based manufacturer Trutex, has announced it is “seriously considering” including GPS tracking devices in future ranges of its uniform products after conducting an online survey of both parents and children.

“As a direct result of the survey, we are now seriously considering incorporating a [tracking] device into future ranges” said Trutex marketing director Clare Rix.

The survey questioned 809 parents and 444 children aged nine to 16. It showed that 44% of parents were worried about the safety of pre-teen children, and 59% wanted tracking devices installed in school apparel. 39% of children aged nine to 12 were prepared to wear clothing with tracking devices in them, while teenagers were notably less enthusiastic and more wary of what Trutex has admitted they see as a “big brother” concept.

However, Trutex has claimed the tracking devices would bring about worthwhile benefits, including being a valuable resource for parents who wanted to keep a close eye on where their children were at all times.

“As well as being a safety net for parents, there could be real benefits for schools who could keep a closer track on the whereabouts of their pupils, potentially reducing truancy levels” says Rix.

Each year, Trutex supplies 1 million blouses, 1.1 million shirts, 250,000 pairs of trousers, 20,000 blazers, 60,000 skirts and 110,000 pieces of knitwear to the UK.

It is not the first company to manufacture school uniforms with a central focus on child safety; last week Essex firm BladeRunner revealed it was selling stab-proof school blazers to parents concerned about violence against their children. The blazers were outfitted with Kevlar, a synthetic fibre used in body armour. It has already received orders internationally, including Australia.

If the Trutex tracking devices go ahead, it is unclear where in the uniform they will be located.

Lip Piercing 101

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By Art Nahshon

Lip piercing is practiced by many ancient tribes. The Dogon tribe of Mali, for example, regards the piercing of the lip as a way of commemorating the way their ancestor spirit,


, gave them the power of speech. In the society of the ancient Aztecs and Mayans, a man who has a lip piercing is a member of the higher caste and he usually wears jewelry made from gold and jade. Today, a lot of people, including some celebrities, wear lip rings because of the way it allows them to express themselves.

Although it may give you the

bad girl



bad boy

appeal that you would like to portray, do take note that going through lip piercing is no joke. It is a decision that involves facing risks and consequences that might cause you to regret your actions later. Also, you have to remember that a lip piercing isnt something that you can just remove after you have grown tired of it. So, if youre still up to getting a lip piercing, here are some things you need to take note of before going through it.

Who and Where?

Ask around and pick an artist who is well-recommended. Make sure that he has a certificate from the

Association of Professional Piercers (APP)

. This is an organization of piercing artists that make safety rules that prevent you from incurring health risks due to piercing. Also, pick a piercing salon that is clean and has artists who sanitize their hands before doing a piercing. You should also make sure that they use sterilized needles in sealed packages and not a piercing gun. Remember that piercing guns cannot be sterilized and if they use one on you, youre bound to get an infection from your piercing.

The Placement

Since you will be living with it for the rest of your life, you should know where you want to have your lip piercing done. Putting a lip ring on your lower lip is very much recommended because it doesnt have any contact with your gums and wouldnt cause any damages in this area in the future.

You can also have a labret stud on the area below your lower lip. This is also called a labret. Because the flat disk is squeezed between the back of the lip and the gums, the placement of this lip piercing is very important because it can hurt your gums.

If youre feeling adventurous, it is also possible to put a labret stud above the upper lip. Because it is related to the placement of Marilyn Monroes beauty mark, it is called a Monroe piercing. And, if you are a very daring person, you can also opt for Angelbites, which consists of two upper lip piercings on both sides of the lip. Only labret studs can be used for this type of lip piercing. Snakebites, on the other hand, are just like Angelbites. The difference is that Snakebites are found on the opposite sides of the lower lip and both rings and studs can be used for this type of lip piercing.

Before choosing any of these placements, it would be a good idea to imagine what it would be like to have them on your mouth. After all, you wouldnt want to get a lip piercing that would affect the way you speak, eat or drink.

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