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Business Turnaround Financing For Your Company? Canadian Solutions For Distressed Corporate Situations



Business turnaround financing for Canadian firms is clearly one of the most challenging forms of corporate finance for those firms experiencing distress from either internal or external factors, more often than not a combination of both .

You can call it crisis management, turnaround management… whatever, bottom line, your company might need it. How then does a firm recognize that need, and what tools and financial solutions are available in Canada to implement a financial reorganization that makes sense.

Without a doubt it\’s about understanding both the causes and implications of company financial problems, and then implementing a solution.


When Canadian business owners and financial managers of companies in need of financing changes face their \’ to do \’ list a number of key focuses must be forged. They include restructuring your current debt, potentially downsizing your business, and addressing various legal issues with your current lenders, which might be both operating lenders and term lenders such as lessors, senior bank facilities, etc.

A common sense way of looking at things is to address some very basic questions, in effect:

What is going wrong and how must management take responsibility?

Do we have resources (i.e. assets) and financial assistance and expertise to begin and complete the turnaround?

Naturally depending on the size of your firm the challenge has different levels of complexity. Distressed situations can be addressed in either a \’ strategic \’ manner, or via an operating turnaround. Our comments are more focused on the operating turnaround… it\’s the basics such as increasing sales, lowering costs, and refinancing assets.

In many cases new creditors must replace your current creditors. Again we emphasize that your current firm might be a start up, or one that has experienced tremendous growth and then stalled, , or in some cases your firm has been around a long time and financial issues simply have come to ahead and need to be addressed. All these firms require external turnaround management assistance, quite frankly, someone who has been here before.

At the end of the day it\’s about looking at your refinancing options which might include secured debt, bank debt, and other debt with commercial finance companies.

What then are potential solutions for corporate distressed situations? In Canada those solutions are debtor in possession financing; asset based lending, monetizing current assets via working capital facilities that include A/R and inventory and equipment components. Other less widely used options include securitization of contracts, tax credit financing, and supply chain financing.

Business turnaround financing is one of the most challenging aspects of Canadian business financing. Speak to a trusted, credible and experienced Canadian business financing advisor for solutions that make sense for your firm.

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