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By Lynn Lee

Fengshui is one of the best ways to bring goodness into your life, though it only works if you believe in it with your heart. There are many symbols and many traditional Chinese items which are used in fengshui. Chinese vases feng shui are one of them.

These Chinese fengshui vases come in many shapes and sizes and in many colors which are important in fengshui. They are most beneficial in enhancement of money luck. They attract prosperity and help in maintaining it in the house. It’s very important that you follow the various rules and guidelines in fengshui to get the best results.

Materials For Vases

The material of the vase should be in balance with all the elements of the area where the vase is supposed to be placed. For different directions, there are different materials to be used like for southwest or northeast you should use crystal and for west or northwest go for metal as it brings in the best of luck in wealth.

You can place Chinese coins and crystals and some jewelry and gold ingots or maybe some precious or semi-precious stones in it. It will help if you cover these vases with blue, green, red, yellow and white cloth and never open it again as it will help to retain the vases power. Besides keeping it covered, do hide it from the eyes of others.


Types of Fengshui Vases

Porcelain fengshui vases symbolize perpetual harmony. They come in many colors such as blue. Blue is a magnificent fengshui color. It is connected to the healing and refreshing water and with the clear skies. The shades of blue can vary from a gentle aqua blue to the bluish green of the sea. There are also shades of blue that go into the deep indigo blue.

One of most magnificent vases is the large Ram vase with ancient Chinese characters inscribed on the face. The handles of the vase look like the horns of a Ram which happens to be one of the Chinese zodiac animals. Then there’s a white and orange mother and child Chinese fengshui vase. You can energize your family area with this and it’s very good for expecting mothers.

The triangle shaped vase with mountain and moon design with flying birds has special significance in fengshui. All these Chinese fengshui vases bring the money luck closer to you and keep them in your houses.

Similarly there are fengshui wealth pots that symbolize never ending good fortune and are symbols of prosperity. The fengshui wealth pot, as the name suggests, invites spiritual and materialistic good luck into your lives and it maintains it as well. It works as a wealth energizer and pulls lots of wealth in your house. There is an ancient practice of keeping wealth pots in homes practiced in china for several years by many rich people. It brings in lots of good fortune and loads of wealth too.

Now the question is why you should own a wealth pot? Isn’t the answer obvious? Who wouldn’t want wealth in their lives and would want to maintain it too? These wealth pots bring lots of good fortune in your lives so that’s brings happiness too.

What’s important is that you must follow all the guidelines and never open these wealth pots. They should be cleaned only on the day of the Chinese year and kept back again. So lets’ bring in all the luck and let the magic begin with Chinese feng shui vases.

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Airport Car Rental Services

Posted by: Adminin Gates

Airport car rental agencies have developed a host of services to help their customers select and prepay for their rental cars so they can be on the road quickly. New technologies are being employed to provide instant check-in so travelers can avoid long lines and miscommunication. By constantly introducing industry innovations for internet reservations, computer database tracking and instant ticket dispensers, auto rental companies are making it increasingly easy for hurried travelers to whisk through airport car rental services and be on their way in record time.On-line airport car rental websites allow you to take your time selecting the size and model of the automobile you want to hire at your destination. You can even view pictures and examine the specifications of the available models. You may want to consider saving money by selecting a ‘green fuel’ vehicle that runs on alternative fuels such as natural gas, biofuel and electricity which also helps the environment by decreasing your carbon footprint while you travel.Once you decide which type of automobile you want to rent, you can use the on-line forms to determine the cost of your rental car — including the taxes, deposits and road use fees that are not typically included in the advertised price of the daily rental rate. You can then reserve your rental car on-line and pre-pay using a major credit card. Personal checks and debit cards are not accepted for most car rentals. If you are a frequent traveler, most airport car rental agencies have special clubs you can join to receive priority services and deep discounts. Many major airlines also have membership clubs that offer you car rental discounts, and by combining the two you can realize some significant savings, especially on business-related travel.Automatic ticket dispensers have been developed for busy customers to use in most major airports by the leading car rental agencies so you do not have to stand in line — although ticket agents are still available to help you if you have questions. When you prepay on-line, you receive a code or printed receipt that you can enter into the agency’s ticket dispenser when you arrive at the airport. Once you enter your code at the airport, it alerts the car rental lot attendees of your arrival, and they can have your car ready and waiting by the time reach their deployment area. Some agencies even offer pick up at the luggage collection area or have delivery services if you have other arrangements for airport pickup but will need a rental car afterwards.Airport car rental agencies have also devised quick and easy drop off strategies so that customers can be close to their point of departure when they have to leave their rental car behind. Most large airports have shuttle buses or light rail trains to transport passengers right to their airline check-in gate. There are also satellite stations set up all across the country where you can drop your car off at locations other than the airport car rental agency.Many airport car rental agencies offer extra perks and discounts when you book a package deal that includes airfare and lodging with your rental car. By paying in advance for all three aspect of your travel, you can save not only money, but the time and hassle of making all the individual reservations yourself. There are often coupons for local attractions included in these packages that you can visit in your airport rental car.

By Alyssa Davis

Are you tired of being stuck in the kitchen cooking while your guests and family enjoy time together in the adjacent room? If so, you may want to consider opening a kitchen wall to create a pass-through. Pass-throughs are an area of the wall that has been cut out the kitchen and the adjacent room to create a window-like opening. They are rather easy for the experienced do-it-yourself homeowner to tackle, but there are definite pros and cons, as well as safety issues to consider.

The Benefits of Opening a Kitchen Wall to Create a Pass-Through


The benefits of creating a pass depends on how you use your home. If you entertain a lot or like to feel connected to those in the next room, a pass allows you to do that. It opens up both rooms and creates a lighter and airier floor plan. Pass-throughs also allow cooks to pass food easily from one room to the next. They are relatively inexpensive to create if the right wall is chosen for the pass-through design.

The Drawbacks of Opening a Kitchen Wall to Create a Pass-Through

It may seem like there are no drawbacks to creating something that opens and lightens up a room. Unfortunately, just like with any home improvement project, there are always drawbacks to changing the structure of a wall. With a pass-through, the biggest drawback is that both rooms will be significantly altered to accommodate the length and height of the opening. It can be less hassle in a living room or dining room where wall cabinets do not come into play, but in a kitchen the location of existing cabinets and appliances can make all the difference. If your kitchen is limited for space and there is really no wall that is not being used by cabinetry or a large appliance, a pass-through may prove to be more difficult to install than it is worth. Another drawback is that it limits the privacy of each room. No longer can you have a private conversation with female guests in the kitchen while the men are watching a sports game. With a pass-through, conversations are bound to be overheard from both locations.

Safety Issues

Cutting into the drywall and creating an opening is not as simple as it may sound. Be sure to check for any existing electrical cords or plumbing that may be running through the wall in the location where the pass-through will be located. Cutting into the existing drywall will be a messy business and you do not want to start, only to find that you have to patch the wall because a pipe is running along that area. Also be careful that the spot where you cut is not a load bearing wall for the house. If you are concerned about removing the wall studs, consult with a professional builder and consider hiring a contractor to install support joists if needed at the top of the pass-through.

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By Frank Demming

There are easily more than ten quick ways to make money using the Internet. In fact, making money online in a legal and ethical manner can be a relatively painless endeavor. Allow me to present you with ten quick ways to make money online.

1. Sell items on eBay. This is the most obvious way to make quick money on the Internet. Create your eBay account, take good photos of your product, describe it and sell it. It’s that simple.

2. Become a worker on Amazon’s Mechanical Turk. Amazon’s Mechanical Turk takes the concept of crowd-sourcing and applies it to small tasks that can be done online. The best part is that you can work on these tasks whenever it’s convenient for you.

3. Write for an online writing brokerage. If you have excellent grammar and love writing, an online text brokerage may be exactly what you’re looking for.


4. Create logos. If you enjoy doing design and have some artistic flair, sites like are looking for your talents. Pick a client from the list to design a logo for and if they select it, you get the cash.

5. Sell stock photographs. Nearly everyone has a digital camera these days. Maybe you should put yours to work. Take your digital photos and submit them to stock photography sites. If clients like them, they’ll buy them.

6. Create affiliate sales programs with videos on YouTube. If you enjoy shopping and telling people about the products you purchase, you can make videos and tell people about the things you love. If the companies that make the products like your reviews, they’ll provide more products and even payment.

7. Create and sell templates for sites like WordPress and MySpace. If you’re a bit of a Web geek and you enjoy design, making templates for sites like MySpace and WordPress is easy and profitable.

8. Take online surveys. This is one of the older ways to make money on the Internet. If you take surveys for companies, you can get paid. The more surveys you take, the more money you make.

9. Answer tech questions for sites like Experts Exchange. If you’re tech savvy and you enjoy helping people, Experts Exchange may be exactly what you’re looking for.

10. Become an online tutor. If you enjoy teaching, you can sign up to tutor students during your spare time. Since many students are turning to the Web for answers, this business will continue to grow.

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The report will show you the fastest and easiest way to make money. I reveals a secret formula on how to use affiliate marketing to your advantage and fall under the radar of the people trying to use the ten quick ways to make money that I mentioned earlier. Once you read the report, you will come to realize how easy it really is to start making money quickly.

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Cleaning Your Camera Sensor

Posted by: Adminin Gates

Submitted by: Michiel Van Kets

Ever thought to yourself that your DSLR camera is not taking shots as crisply as it once did? Perhaps it seems there is a dull spot in the photos, or faces not appearing as sharp as they did in your portraiture. Yes, it could be as simple as a smudge on the lens of your camera, but if you have tried cleaning in and still notice the same problems, then chances are you may have dust or similar on your camera sensor.

Ever thought to yourself that your DSLR camera is not taking shots as crisply as it once did? Perhaps it seems there is a dull spot in the photos, or faces not appearing as sharp as they did in your portraiture. Yes, it could be as simple as a smudge on the lens of your camera, but if you have tried cleaning in and still notice the same problems, then chances are you may have dust or similar on your camera sensor.

But what exactly is the camera sensor? In layman’s terms, the camera’s image sensor is that part of the camera that converts the light of the optical image in front of the camera into an electrical signal. It is located in the camera body behind the camera lenses.

If this is the case, then it is time to clean the camera sensor. Before we do this however, we must clarify one thing first. The concept of cleaning the camera sensor is somewhat of a misnomer. The notion of cleaning the sensor within a DSLR camera, is incorrect as it is actually a low pass filter mounted in front of the sensor which requires cleaning and attention. But by cleaning, we don’t mean, a good scrub with water and soap. The camera sensor is a sensitive part of the camera, so we would recommend, that if you are unfamiliar with your camera, don’t have the right tools, or just want to know it is done correctly, that you take your camera to a service professional for their help and support. After all, no matter if you have what you would call a cheap digital camera, or if you have professional equipment, at the end of the day, you want to know that the job has been done correctly.

If you choose to do it yourself, there are a few things to remember:


Does cleaning the sensor void your warranty?

Work in a sterile clean area free of wind

Clean the work area in front of you before you start

Have you got the necessary equipment to clean your sensor?

oAre you using a pre-packaged cleaning kit

oAre you using a swab kit?

oWill you incorporate a protective measure moving forward?

oAre you using manufacturer recommended equipment

Have you got the necessary equipment to test if you were successful cleaning your camera?

oA sensor inspection device will check your cleaning prowess in seconds and allow you to clean it quickly and easily

Whatever choice you make to clean your camera, remember, regular maintenance is important if you want your camera to truly function at its optimum and take quality pictures you are proud of, each and every time.

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shop that has grown from the demand for cheap digital camera and camera lenses.


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Five Little-Known Secrets To Home-Training A Doberman


David Crocombe

There are secrets to dog training? .. Not really, most of it is common sense. However, many people do not know where to start when it comes to dog training.

A friend of mine recently got herself a Doberman puppy, which is about 8 weeks old. The dog will be a fantastic watch-dog and is a beautiful dog.

However, after a few days my friend called me up and said she had a couple of problems that she needed help with.

Firstly, she lives in an apartment and was not sure how to toliet the dog.

Secondly, she did not know how to train him, or even if she should train him? What else should she do?

The first thing I told my friend that she needs to start doing as soon as possible is to start training her doberman.

I recommended that she start crate training him from the beginning. The dog should sleep in the crate every night.

This will get him used to the idea of sleeping in the crate,and reduce the effect of separation anxiety.


The crate is a place that the Doberman may sleep in as he gets older ( obviously my friend would buy a bigger one).

It isn’t just the dog that suffers from seperation anxiety. After buying a crate and putting the puppy in it to sleep, she felt bad and took him out to sleep with her.

This is NOT a good idea. You must be clear in your actions once you do something that involves training. Dogs like this.

You MUST follow through, no matter how bad you feel.

To help with the toilet issue a good idea is to take him for a walk to toilet before bed, and first thing in the morning. If you can’t take him for a walk, then take him outside for toilet instead.

This is an effective form of enforcement. Of course, little puppies need to go toilet quite often, so it is a good idea to buy a large absorbant mat, or mats, that you can put in certain corners of the house or apartment.

Training your dog to use those mats takes dedication on your part.

You need to watch his behavior and when he is acting like he needs to go, pick him up and put him on the mat.

The following is a list of five things that I suggested that my friend do to help her:

The work that goes into owning a puppy can be very stressful. But the results from good training cannot be understimated.

1) Exercise you dog everyday – Puppies have a lot of energy. Regular exercise does two things. Firstly it establishes a routine – so make sure it is always about the same time. Secondly this helps get alot of their energy out and it really does reduce their need to cause trouble at home (i.e. chew stuff).

2) Once he gets a little older, start bringing him to dog parks so that he will become very dog friendly right from the get-go.

The more contact dogs have with other dogs and people the better trained he will be, and there will be less isssues when friends come to visit your apartment.

There is nothing worse than a dog that barks at EVERYTHING

3) Bring small children around him ASAP. This will help him get used to childrens smaller stature, as well as them tugging on his ears/tail, loud sudden noises that children make, etc.

It’s good to get your dogs exposed to all these things early on – before they become an 80lb solid mass of muscle with gigantic sharp teeth!

Pet and touch his food while he is eating it. Over time, your doberman will allow you to take the food bowl away and pet him while he is eating without any resistance.

5) Correct your puppy only at the exact moment he’s done something wrong, not an hour later. That way he will know what to expect from you.

As I mentioned earlier, dogs like boundaries and dont respond well to confusion.

There is no point shouting at him about toilleting on the carpet 1 hour after it has happened.

As soon as he starts to ook for a place to toilet and smell around, put him on a leash and take him outside so that he can relieve himself.

If my friend follows these simple ideas, her Doberman will become a well-trained, extremely sociable dog that will love to be around other dogs, people and small children.

These five suggestions are only a few of the manys that my friend will need to learn when training her doberman.

For more articles and resources on dog training, visit his site => David Crocombe is a dog trainer and owner of a 6 month old puppy.

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