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Richard Atchison

Google the term branding and web design and one will see a plethora of firms that specialize in these services as well as offering graphic and logo design for their clients. What exactly is branding? One company posits this description:

A brand is a product, service or concept that is publicly distinguishable from other products, services or concepts so that it can be easily communicated and marketed to customers. Branding can be applied to an entire corporate identity as well as to individual product and service names.

Most importantly, a brand connects the consumer to a business, product or service; it embodies the personality of a product, service or company. Brand image is the perception of the information and expectations associated with a product, service or company.


Web design, on the other hand, incorporates a variety of skills and disciplines to create and maintain websites. The term usually refers to the design process from the client s perspective while employing tools such as interface design and search engine optimization (SEO).

Branding and web design is a viable strategy to boost consumer awareness of a start-up or a relatively unknown business and its products or services. Typically, a branding and web design consultant will determine the client s marketing objectives and issues such as competitors and consumer demographics. Once a strategy is created, the consultant may research the market to grasp the current dynamics of not only the client s business but that of the industry sector as a whole.

At this point, the client s business needs to have a unique and effective logo in place to establish a corporate identity. A strong logo helps build an effective brand image as well as delivering a positive message to the consumer.

Once these prerequisites have been established, the consultant constructs an engaging web presence customized for the client s business and goals. First, a visually compelling home page is built that demonstrates the client s products and services in an assured and favorable manner. The website needs to be user-friendly and easy to navigate with information that is pertinent to the consumer s needs. Next, the consultant creates a template that is used for subsequent pages, focusing again on delivering relevant information that assists the consumer with products or services.

Finally, most consultants provide writing services for marketing and technical purposes. Web copy needs to be brief and concise, using visual cues to help the consumer quickly evaluate information germane to his needs.

Many branding and web design creators use content management systems (CMS) to present information on websites. They may be built atop a separate content management framework (CMF) that customizes software to manage web content. One ubiquitous CMS open source platform that is familiar to laymen is Java, as it has widespread applications across the internet. Once installed and managed on a web server, a CMS hosts images, documents and numeric data as well as storing and publishing documentation.

Most clients are too busy building their business to immerse themselves in such minutiae – hence, the importance of hiring a competent branding and

web designer


Richard Atchison, raised in New Zealand, graduated in 2002 from Auckland High School. A Presidential Scholar, he entered Auckland State University that autumn as an English major, with an emphasis in Literary Studies. Presently, an article writer for

web designer


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Fur fans flock to Toronto’s Furnal Equinox 2019

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Monday, March 25, 2019

From March 15 to 17, the Canadian city of Toronto played host to the tenth Furnal Equinox, an annual event dedicated to the “furry fandom.” Wikinews attended. Programming ranged from music to gender, science to art, covering dozens of aspects of the varied subculture. The event’s featured guests were visual artists Moth Monarch and Cat-Monk Shiro, as well as the co-owners of US fursuit costume builders Don’t Hug Cacti.

The event raised nearly CDN$11,000 for Pet Patrol, a non-profit rescue organization in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, run by volunteers. This exceeded their goal of $10,000, the funds needed to finish a rural sanctuary. The furry community is well-known for their charitable efforts. Along with direct donations, the funds were raised through a charity auction offering original artwork, and a fursuit design by guests of honour “Don’t Hug Cacti.” Last year, Furnal Equinox raised funds for a farm animal sanctuary.

While only 10–15% of people within the fandom own a fursuit according to a 2011 study, event organizers reported this year 908 of the 2240 attendees at Furnal Equinox brought at least one elaborate outfit to the event. The outfits are usually based on original characters, known as “fursonas”.

Guests of Honour Cherie and Sean O’Donnell, known within the community as “Lucky and Skuff Coyote”, held a session on fursuit construction on Saturday afternoon. The married couple are among the most prominent builders in the fandom, under the name Don’t Hug Cacti. The scale of their business was evident, as Sean had made over a thousand pairs of “handpaws”, costume gloves.

The couple encouraged attendees to continue developing their technique, sharing that all professional fursuit makers had developed different techniques. They felt that they learned more from failed projects than successful ones, citing the Chuck Jones quote that “every artist has thousands of bad drawings,” and that you have to work through them to achieve. Cherie, known as Lucky, recalled receiving a Sylvester the Cat plush toy from a Six Flags theme park at age 10. She promptly hollowed the toy out, turning it into a costume. Creating a costume isn’t without its hazards: the company uses 450°F (232°C) glue guns. They’re “like sticking your hand in an oven.”

Other programming included improv comedy, dances, life drawing of fursuiters, a review of scientific research by a research group at four universities called FurScience, a pin collector’s social, and workshops in writing.

The “Dealer’s Den” hall was expanded this year, with even more retailers and artists. While many offered “furry” versions of traditional products, at least one business focused on “pushing the boundaries of fursuit technology.” Along with 3D printing a bone-shaped name tag when Wikinews visited, Grivik was demonstrating miniature computer screens that could be used as “eyes” for a fursuit. The electronic displays projected an animation of eyes looking around, blinking occasionally. The maker has also developed “a way to install a camera inside suit heads, to improve fursuiter visibility.” He hopes the tech would reduce suiting risks and accidents. Without the need for eyeholes, fursuit makers would have “more options for building different eyestyles.”

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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Police have said that an explosion in a hotel garage in San Pedro, Los Angeles, California, that sparked an evacuation of a large area was an act of vandalism. What was initially thought to be an explosion, at around 7:30am local time, forced police to shut off a major entrance into the area prompted the Clarion Inn, a two-story hotel, and surrounding buildings to be evacuated. A bomb squad were called to the scene, and an armored robot was sent into the garage to examine the scene.

Los Angeles Police Department Lieutenant John Romero said that investigators were treating the incident as an act of vandalism, and said that detectives will be examining surveillance footage of the garage. He confirmed that a caller had reported an explosion in the area. Officers who responded did not initially find anything suspicious, but a short time later a Port Police officer on patrol discovered a Lincoln Navigator with its windows blown out in an underground garage. The Los Angeles Fire Department also responded to the call.

We still want to be very careful how to proceed. Something did happen to the car. Now they have to figure out what happened and who did it

“On closer inspection and using their training, bomb squad is confident the damage was caused by something other than a bomb. Based on what we know now, they’re scaling the operation way back,” he said. “There’s any variety of things that can sound like a bomb or a blast, particularly in a subterranean environment. The danger has passed.” He refused to speculate as to what may have caused the damage, or, if it was not a bomb, where the noise had come from. He added: “Now that the robots have gone forward and had a good look, we are confidant there was not an explosion. There was a hole blown in the door, and the glass was blown out so, now we have to find out who did it.”

A witness, the owner of a diner two blocks away from the hotel, said that he heard a loud sound while preparing the day’s menu. He said: “I was cooking my food and I heard something like ‘boom’! I said, ‘What happened?’ And I checked everything in the kitchen but saw nothing. An hour later I went outside and saw a lot of police.” Romero added that the vehicle had shown signs of an explosion and that no one in the hotel was killed or injured. At 8:20 a.m. the police issued a citywide tactical alert and surrounding streets were closed to the public. Police have said that there is shattered glass surrounding the vehicle and one of the doors exhibits evidence that an explosion had taken place. Romero added: “We still want to be very careful how to proceed. Something did happen to the car. Now they have to figure out what happened and who did it.”

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Corrective Measures to Safely Go Over Show Jumps


Allan Michael Taylor

Horse jumping is a fun sport for everyone involved. It is an exhilarating experience for the riders, horses, and even the spectators joining in the fun. This doesn’t just refer to the Olympic event, but the sports as a whole. What most people fail to see is that there are some dangers in these activities. Every time the man and horse goes over show jumps, they can possible get injuries. This doesn’t mean that they should stop though . There are just some simple ways how they can be able to avoid these problems.

One of the easiest ways that every rider should remember is their own readiness for the jumps. Though they may be skilled in show jumping, they may not be prepared mentally. Every day, many things can happen and all these events can cause mental distractions. When you are about to go over show jumps, you should maintain focus on what you are about to do. This can effectively help you from making any bad decisions while jumping.


As a rider, if you think you are ready to jump , you should still ask yourself if your horse is ready. Like their riders, these animals may be facing their own issues too. If there are no physical problems and your horse seems to be fit, you should continue warming them up just the same. Your horse’s shaky confidence can cause fatal accidents. The best way to do warm up exercises is to let the horse canter first, and take on manageable jumps. Once you feel that your horse is confident enough, you can take on harder courses.

Whether your horse is competing or not, you should always make sure that you sign up for horse schooling. Aside from being a a good source of exercise for the horse, it would also train them to be more adept. They will be able to get used to the different show jumps they may face in the future. They will also get to practice the basics of horse jumping. They will also be more accommodating to what you tell them. Obedience is important if you want your mount to go over the obstacles safely.

There are some training equipments you can use in order to help your horse. These things will not only help you control your mount , but it will help them cope with different terrains. Remember that you won’t only deal with solid land. You would also be forced to walk, jump and land on soft ground and bodies of water. If the obstacle is a little harder than expected, the horses might have a hard time with their footing.

Constantly check the performance of the horse and the rider . It is not always the horse’s fault so you have to make sure that you will be able to handle your mount. Don’t hesitate to train with your horse because you might need some training of your own. Aside from preparing yourself, you can also train with a professional to be able to get past show jumps safely.

Nick Morgan is a professional if you want more information on

Show Jumps

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wooden horse jumps

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Horse Show Jumps

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Monday, May 3, 2010

Wikinews reporter Peter Coti interviews Brittany Phelps, administrator of the United States Pirate Party, who talks about her job and her goals.

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Coaxial cable is the most common type of antenna feeder in use today. Often referred to a RF (radio frequency) cable, it is used in a wide number of applications wherever the transfer of radio frequency energy is required.

Although one of the most common applications is for television down-leads in domestic applications, RF cable is used in any application where high frequency signals need to be carried over a distance. These applications include:

* Commercial and industrial transmission lines* Ethernet local area networks* Wi-Fi networks* Mobile phones* Terrestrial microwave* Air traffic control* Military* Medical* RFID antennas

How Do They Work?RF cables are designed to prevent any potential interference. To achieve this, they are constructed of four circular layers – the signal-carrying wire, insulating material (usually solid plastic), a metal shield and a final plastic protective casing.

An RF or coaxial cable carries equal and opposite current in both the outer and inner conductors. This effectively confines all the fields within the cable, so it neither transmits nor receives signals.

The cable operates by broadcasting an electromagnetic wave inside itself. It is not affected by nearby objects, making it ideal for any applications where it has to be routed around or through buildings, or close to other objects. This gives it a huge advantage over other feeder cables, such as open wire or twin.

Types of RF CableThere are many different types of RF cables:

* Coaxial (coax) cable – this is the most common and is used primary to connect your TV to other appliances.* Twinaxial (twinax) cable – this has two central conductors, and is commonly used to connect data hubs.* Heliaxial (heliax) cable – often used to connect a radio transmitter and an antenna.

LimitationsRF cables do have a couple of disadvantages in some applications, when compared to “newer” types of cables. These include:* Sound can only be carried between two devices in mono, not stereo.* If the cables are not properly manufactured, they may pick up interference from power cables or magnetic sources.

AdvantagesRF cables are the best option for connecting a TV aerial to TV equipment. They:

* Exhibit low losses* Provide stable performance* Are very flexible* Have fast transmission speed

Delaire USA specializes in manufacturing custom fiber optic and RF cables and assemblies for military and telecommunication applications. Visit for more information.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Sunshine Coast Regional Council has received legal advice that it will not be able to challenge a McDonald’s Australia appeals process. Council rejected development plans for a 24-hour store at Minyama in December, and the restaurant giant plans to appeal the decision.

“Council has received legal advice back that McDonald’s will win because of planning laws allow[sic] code assessment – the ugly American McDonald will win and run roughshod over residents and Sunshine Coast Council,” said protest group spokesperson John Meyer-Gleaves.

Meyer-Gleaves said the group, named Say No To McDonald’s, has three priorities if it is forced to negotiate: the alley between the motel currently on the site and the shop next door is to be closed off, the McDonald’s is to operate 24 hours per day on weekends only and a backfence or wall is to be built at a similar height to other premises fronting Nicklin Way. McDonald’s has agreed to these terms, according to Meyer-Gleaves.

“I’m pretty sure I’m the only councillor who already has a 24-hour McDonald’s in my division,” says Councillor Chris Thompson, who represents division four in the Sunshine Coast Council. “We have enough issues with that one, and this is overkill.”

Council has received legal advice back that McDonald’s will win because of planning laws allow code assessment – the ugly American McDonald will win and run roughshod over residents and Sunshine Coast Council

The 24-hour McDonald’s in Councillor Thompson’s division, Mooloolaba, is part of a larger complex and does not back onto residential premises.

“It is important that any new development, including fast food outlets, give serious and honest consideration to the various potential impacts of the project on the community. This is important as society strives to balance the need for development with the need to support the lifestyle choices and wishes of residents,” said Peter Slipper, a federal Member of Parliament in the area, in an e-mail to Wikinews.

“The situation highlights the need for leadership at a state level that is prepared with work with [sic] the Regional Councils to ensure laws and regulations are consistent within community standards. Labor and LNP have a long history of creating policy to please large business instead of looking at what best serves the community,” said Brenton Clutterbuck, Greens Candidate for the electorate of Maroochydore for the Queensland state election.

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Irish airline Aer Lingus to cut more staff

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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Aer Lingus, an Irish airline, has announced that it will cut about 230 staff in the near future in compulsory job losses, bringing the total number of layoffs from the airline to 670. 440 other workers will face voluntary job losses.

The company believes the job reductions will save it 97 million euros. Chief Executive Officer Christoph Mueller said the move would start “within days” and the airline would return to profitability “relatively soon.”

The airline, which is Ireland’s second-largest, also announced today that its operating loss for last year went up by four times, to 81 million euros. The labour union IMPACT, which represents cabin crew for Aer Lingus, is to meet with the airline’s management tomorrow regarding the company’s move. The union also remarked that time available to “broker a solution is extremely limited.”

Aer Lingus revenue dropped to 1.21 billion euros after an eleven percent drop last year, according to the airline, even though passenger numbers increased to 10.4 million. According to the Bloomberg news service, Aer Lingus’ net cash reserves went down to 335 million euros.

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Home renovations are a big financial decision hence it is best to make your decision on the type of renovations and material to use only after a great deal of research.

The Internet is a good source of information, where it is possible to find details on the type of tiles or kitchen slabs that are best for you.

Popular Natural Stones For Interior & Exterior

Some of the popular ones available include ceramic tiles, cement & concrete tiles, terracotta tiles, mosaics, vitrified quarries, and many types of natural stone tiles. There are many benefits of using natural stone tiles for both interiors as well as exterior.

This decision is often influenced by where you plan to install them. However, natural stone has always been one of the more popular ones when it comes to construction. It has several good characteristics that make it ideal for the decoration of your house.

In fact, this has been one of the most popular construction materials since ancient times and is something that never goes out of style. It is also suitable as the exterior stone for homes. This article provides more information on the types of natural stones available for use during renovations.

Types of natural stones

  • Granite: This is one of the most popular natural stones that is prefered by both architects as well as homeowners. This is mainly because they are durable and beautiful.It is equally suitable for indoor and outdoor construction. In fact, several popular monuments, cathedrals and public buildings that have been around for a very long time have been made from granite.
  • Marble: This too is a very popular natural stone and useful for both indoor and outdoor use. It is elegant, durable, and has good thermal resistance. These properties and more make it ideal for many applications. It is thus popular with both architects as well as homeowners. The Marble offcuts design in the tiles makes each one unique as well.
  • Sandstone: This is one of the popular materials for construction work carried out near the coastal region. It has multiple uses and properties making it ideal for renovations.
  • Limestone: This is a sedimentary rock that also tends to contain fossils. It is mainly composed of minerals calcite and aragonite and usually white to grey in colour. This too is a very popular natural stone when it comes to construction, it is also popular with architects.In fact, several train stations, banks, and other structures have been built using limestone. The construction done in the middle ages like the medieval churches and castles as well as the Great Pyramid of Giza was made from limestone.
  • Slate: This is a type of natural stone that is also formed from sedimentary rocks and is often used for decorative purposes on walls and floors. It is highly durable and equally useful for indoor and outdoor use.

Benefits of opting for natural stone for home decor

There are many benefits of using natural stones for the purpose of renovations. They are easy to maintain, highly durable and usually do not need replacing. It has the ability to withstand heavy footfall and is long-lasting as well.

Thus, it is ideal for those planning to sell their house, charge more rent or make their house more elegant. It has a level of natural beauty that is unmatched as is the fact that it is more hygienic and unique.

It is a good idea to contact a stone supplier in Melbourne since this type of tiles will also have thermal properties making them ideal for keeping warm during winter and cool during summer.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Three men are currently seeking the presidential nomination of the Reform Party of the United States of America: small business owner Andre Barnett, Earth Intelligence Network CEO Robert Steele, and former college football coach Robby Wells. Wikinews reached out to these candidates and asked each of them five questions about their campaigns. There were no space limits placed on the responses, and no candidate was exposed to another’s responses before making their own. The answers are posted below in unedited form for comparison of the candidates.

The Reform Party is a United States third party that was founded in 1995 by industrialist Ross Perot. Perot ran as the party’s first presidential nominee in 1996, and won over eight percent of the popular vote, the highest percentage for a third party candidate since. In 1998, professional wrestler Jesse Ventura ran on the Reform Party ticket and was elected Governor of Minnesota. The party fell in prominence during the lead-up to the 2000 presidential election when it was plagued by infighting between ideological factions. In 2000, paleoconservative Pat Buchanan won the presidential nomination, and went on to receive only 0.4 percent of the popular vote in the general election. In 2004, the party opted to endorse consumer advocate Ralph Nader, but ended the year nearly bankrupt. In 2008, Ted Weill won the party’s presidential nomination, but appeared on the ballot in only one state and won a total of 481 votes.

The party is currently trying to rebuild and has opened several new state chapters. They will attempt to appear on the ballot in more states for the 2012 presidential election. The party is expected to nominate its presidential ticket during the National Convention this summer.

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