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By Elizabeth Harfleet

Do cells really talk to each other? Apparently, they do! New research shows that they need to be in constant contact with each other in order to do the trillions of things our bodies require of them each day. These include healing wounds, making new blood cells, growing hair and nails, digesting food, regulating hormones, keeping the heart beating. The list is endless.

According to new scientific research whenever two or more cells interact carbohydrates that live on the surface level of the cells are involved. This happens without exception.

In 1996, a prominent biologist noted that eight different monosaccharide sugars were necessary for glycoform synthesis (for cells to be able to communicate with each other). Furthermore, he discovered that only two of these monosaccharides are commonly available in the standard Western diet.


Glyconutrients are nutritional supplements made from the eight monosaccharide sugars that are essential components of each cell. By taking glyconutrient supplements people can increase their inter-cellular communication. This provides an excellent way for them to improve their overall health and wellbeing.

Glyconutrients do not just play a useful role in health maintenance. Taking them can also help to enhance the effects of a balanced diet and the efficacy of dietary supplements.

The benefits of glyconutrients can be demonstrated with reference to the following case study.

A woman’s husband had been diagnosed with depression as well as high cholesterol and blood pressure. She had heard about the healing power of glyconutrients and bought them for her husband to try. Within only two weeks she noticed that his energy levels had increased significantly. Five weeks later her husband went to the doctor for blood tests and was told that his blood work was normal, for the first time in forty four years.

Scientists have always known that the body has the potential to heal itself but, until recently, the reasons were unknown. Glyconutrients are now being seen as the driving force behind this process which means that life has never tasted so sweet!

About the Author: Elizabeth Harfleet is a leading a UK based nutritional therapist specialising in glyconutrients:


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For families that choose the option to adopt it can seem like a long, complicated road. However, there are several different adoption agencies available that are able to give proper guidance and walk the family through the entire process. This helps the soon-to-be parents feel at ease that all of the paperwork is being handled properly and that one day, in the near future, their dreams of becoming parents will come true.


Before deciding which agency to choose to represent the family it is important for the family to know what type of adoption they are interested in. The different types of adoption include domestic adoption and international adoption. Not every agency will do both forms of adoption, so this is important for the family to know prior to making their decision.

With the help from an experienced, professionaladoption Phoenix AZservice a family will be able to reach their ultimate dreams a lot sooner than it is typically believed. The adoption agency is able to handle all of the paperwork involved. In addition, they strive to keep strong communication between the parents and the company in an effort to help ease the parent’s anxiety during these emotionally trying times.

In addition to providing answers to all questions, agencies fill out paperwork and arrange meet and greets. When choosing an agency it is essential to choose one that obtains an adoption certification. There are several companies that have obtained adoption certification Phoenix AZ area. This certification helps assure a customer that the company they have chosen has the specialized training needed to perform adoption services, as the process itself can be extremely complicated for an untrained person.

When soon-to-be parents enter into the world of adoption it can seem like a long, scary journey that they will have to face. If the parents use the assistance of an adoption agency these fears can be put to rest, which allows the parents time to enjoy the experience and anticipate the arrival of their adopted son or daughter! Anyone who experiences adoption knows it is a beautiful time for both child and parent!

By Ellie Lewis

Many things are involved in making a video. If you have always been interested in watching television and how things work, a career in production services might be perfect for you. You may be able to see the behind the scene for many of your favorite shows you, your family, and friends have watched for the past years. You may even be interested in commercials and how people have to make them in order to draw in customers. A job for you would be in an ad agency or commercial production. It can be a very interesting career but you have to be creative and imaginative.

Have you ever wondered how some commercials draw you in more than others? There are many professionals trained to write these commercials so that people are drawn to the product that is being advertised. You may be interested in writing these commercials because there are many ways to be funny and creative. Some commercials, however, are very manipulative and unfortunately, that is how many people are drawn to commercials. They think that by advertising a skinny model and telling people they will look like them if they buy their product, they will get a lot of business; usually this works and it is very unfortunate.


The point of having a commercial is to make a point about a situation and gain awareness on a topic such as cancer or certain other problems or diseases or to sell something. People who write these commercial and create these ads have special tactics that they use to gain attention. Some of these techniques include using humor, appealing to emotional needs, and being different from the rest. Since you are human, it should be easy to think of how you act when you watch commercials and apply that when you create your own.

If you see a very ordinary commercial where nothing interesting happens and someone is just standing there talking, you will probably not going to care about the product they are selling. If you watch someone and something very funny happens, you might feel compelled to buy the product or you might at least look into it. Also, if a commercial makes a statement that is familiar to you or applies to you, you will automatically trust them and want to buy the product that will help with whatever problem you have.

Creating commercials is an art that takes a lot of cooperation and imagination and if you think that making commercials would be interesting, then it might work as a great career for you. You might have to deal with problems such as not being able to think of things on the spot and you will constantly be asked to come up with new things and your boss will expect for those ideas to be good. If you are not able to deal with the pressure or you do not want that type of job but you still want to work in television, there are many other jobs within this industry.

About the Author: Ellie Lewis has searched the term

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commercial production Vancouver

company to produce a film promoting her business.


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Branding Yourself


Phillip BrownBranding yourself is a concept that represents everything about your business or company. It sets your business and products apart from the competition. Only the businesses who communicate the real value of their product in today’s world of high expectations will accomplish everything they want. So, what makes you and your product different?

The main goal of branding yourself is to own a product category. By branding yourself, you are identifying and defining everything from packaging to public relations. Your brand should epitomize the personality of your company.

Since it will have a huge impact on your bottom line, it is very important that you create a solid brand for yourself and your company. When your targeted customer becomes loyal to your brand, price will become less of an issue for your company.

There are many different elements that go into making a successful brand. First, there is relevance. Do your target customers believe that they need your product in their life? Will it make a positive difference in their daily life? Will it make their life easier? Will it make them feel good about themselves?

Another element is differentiation. What makes the benefits of your products or services different from the competition? Next there is brand awareness. Do your potential customers even know that your company or products exist? Brand awareness will lead to a preference for your brand because it will be the first thing that comes to mind when they think of your product or service.

Lastly there is consistency. If you are inconsistent in your business communications and products, then your potential customers will be confused and it will have a negative impact on your brand identity. This makes it important to define who you and your business are to set yourself apart from the competition.

What happens once you know who you are and you have branded yourself? Once you have defined yourself and your company’s products, then you need to focus on the above issues to help separate yourself from your competition. Your logo should help your potential customers define your product at a glance. Make sure that you create the best image to represent your company and its products. You should create a tag line. A tag line is a sentence or phrase that describes your products or services and helps your customers identify it anywhere.

Careful and controlled branding can result in an increase in sales, more customers, and an ability to increase the value, and thus, the pricing of your products or services.

Phillip Brown, Internet Marketer, Coach and Mentor

Toll Free Telephone: 1-800-990-2024Official Website:

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Traveling Nurse Agency – Choosing the Right One


Paul Korber

When a traveling nurse is faced with the decision of choosing the best traveling nurse agency, it is not always an easy decision. The traveling nurse may be wondering which values will be important for their career. Perhaps the single most important factor in choosing the best traveling nurse agency is support. By this I mean, that the agency provides consistent help and assistance for its employees. It is important for the traveling nurse agency to be interested in your wellbeing as a nurse, not simply chasing a commission. As traveling nurses can work 24 hours a day, it is important that the traveling nursing agency can provide this support around the clock.

It is advisable that you select a traveling nurse agency which has a strong reputation and solid listing of potential jobs. The better traveling nurse agencies will attract more of the better jobs. The traveling nurse agency should also offer competitive salary and bonus packages- these will often be displayed on their website.

An often overlooked quality of a traveling nurse agency is whether or not they provide malpractice insurance. Who is going to look after your interests in the event you make a mistake? Further to this, how much will you have to pay for the malpractice insurance. Good traveling nurse agencies will also offer reimbursement for your travel expenses- this is quite important as it is quite easy to spend money on traveling when you go from assignment to assignment.


In terms of how to begin searching for the right traveling nurse agency, make a list and right down all the qualities you are seeking. Once you have made the list, get on the internet and start comparing the companys websites. Specifically seek out testimonials from nurses who have worked for the traveling nurse company. When contacting agencies never be afraid to ask them certain question you feel may be important. Next, it is important to call up the agency in person and discuss what you are looking for- if you dont feel they are responsive to your questions, dont bother- you need that basic level of communication and support.

Deciding on the right traveling nurse agency is an important decision. If you choose a good traveling nurse agency early, you will find it easier to find work as time progresses, as they see your level of commitment and your qualities they will put you forward for more work. It is also well worth talking to other nurses who work for the agency to see if they are satisfied with the level of support.

Seek out a traveling nurse agency which maintains a high level of professionalism and thoroughness. These kinds of agencies will generally always do the right thing by you.

Other important factors in finding the best traveling nurse agency are: how long they have been in business, whether they hold the appropriate licences and whether they have won any awards.

Always ask to view a contract before agreeing to sign with the traveling nurse agency- and make sure you read the fine print. Specifically you want to be aware of the terms of pay and overtime/penalty rates, and also whether you need to sacrifice any portion of your salary for any fees (This is not common). It may also be worth asking how your personal information will be distributed, and whether you will have one point of contact (This makes dealing with the agency so much more efficient).

The decision of choosing a traveling nurse agency should be one which is based on research and communication with the agency in person. The best indication of a good traveling nurse agency is the amount of jobs they list, and the feedback from nurses who work for the traveling nurse agency.

Want the latest information and advice on traveling nurse jobs and traveling nurse agency? Please Visit:

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Dreams Do Come True for Philippines Business Owners/Buyers with Sunbelt Philippines



Eastwood City, Metro Manila, Philippines, July 28, 2017 /PressReleasePing/ – Azhar (Bill) Khan, President of Sunbelt Business Brokers Philippines,

Recently we spoke with Azhar (Bill) Khan, President of Sunbelt Business Brokerage, which is the largest business brokerage firm in Philippines and the world having sold more businesses over the past 30 years than any other company.

Sunbelt Business Brokerage Philippines is starting its operations officially in Eastwood City, August 2017.

Mr. Khan and I agreed for this interview that he be referred within as Bill.

In careful analysis, Bill decided to start Sunbelt Business Brokerage in Philippines since it was difficult for buyers to buy an existing/operating business for overseas (OFWs), foreigners and even local residents due to (a) no set systematic approach of specialization in this area. Current laws in the Philippines have made it very complicated for a new buyer to have full independence professional guidance to make sure that they are fully protected from all possible areas which may not be openly disclosed by and between the sellers or buyers.

Bill who has lived in over 25 countries, managed or owned various types of business operations from small franchises to large public companies, some even trading on US Stock Exchanges, brings his unique experience to both buyers and sellers to make sure the process goes smoothly.

To add further to Bills extensive resume, he has substantial experience within Philippines over the past 7 years in operating, managing new startups to successful operating business operations from Call Centers, Information Technology Development Companies, Commercial Real Estate, International Trading to Night Club Operations.

The acquisition of Sunbelt Business Brokerage, Philippines will provides business owners of commercial operations from as small as 2 million, up to 50 Billion pesos adequate comfort to know they are dealing with company who can guide them in a professional manner from beginning, to ongoing, to even re-selling at a later time. Transactions will be completed in a very confidential way not to affect current operations, staff or suppliers, who may get worried knowing that the business could change hands with little time notice. Overall these processes are carefully monitored in a manner not to affect ongoing business operations.

Sunbelt is by far the largest business brokerage firm in the world with a network of over 300 offices worldwide, it provides existing base of potential buyers for their business which enables Sunbelt Philippines to select qualified buyers that can meet the goals of the seller in the way the future business is operated.

In addition to Bill, Sunbelt Philippines has a very strong team of seasoned current & former business owners in Philippines & overseas with specialization in various industries. At Sunbelt all transactions are approved by the companys highly experienced legal team, independent accountants and bank escrow companies for distribution of funds, in addition validating all documents with various agencies as to their authenticity.

Currently there is a major demand from OFWs wanting to return to their home country in Philippines and to operate their own business as the Philippines economy continues to grow and the standard of living continues to improve countrywide. With incentives in place, we expect Sunbelt to play a major role in providing avenues for OFWs to return and acquire obtainable businesses base on their individual financial needs within the scope of businesses they seek.

In addition, Philippines been one of the fastest growing economies of the world with population of over 130 million, we have lots of foreign investors looking to move away from western countries to settle down in the country with better weather and life style than their own countries, providing them longer happier life.

In my interview with Bill, we embarked on a question and answer session that extremely informative, not only to me, but hopefully for those reading this article now.

-Julie: Sunbelt Philippines corporate office in Eastwood City has started operations with a very professional team of former business/current owners as Professional Business Brokers to provide a very unique experience for both buyers and sellers.

Why buying or selling a business is important and how does the business brokerage compare between USA and Philippines?

-Bill: In our lifetime, we will make many major purchases and buying or selling a house is likely one of the biggest. While most home buyers and sellers know precisely what they are looking for: from the number of bedrooms, to the size of the property, to the listing price purchasing or selling an entire business is unique, presents a number of challenges, and requires specialized expertise to ensure both business sellers and buyers receive the greatest value for their Pesos or dollars.


Buying or selling a business from Automobile Dealerships, Casinos, Night Clubs, Gas stations, Hotels, IT Companies, Resorts, Private Islands, Mining, Oil & Gas Companies, Various franchise brands, Online Internet companies and more is about much more than numbers. By sitting down with owners who have put their heart, soul, time and money into their business, Sunbelt discusses all aspects of valuation in detail.

These include location of the business, processing systems, age of staff, market positioning, where customers come from, age of equipment, risk, and more. The numbers dont tell the whole story, and I dont trust other peoples valuations. Even if the business owner had a valuation, we insist on re-doing it. Only in this way, can he come up with an accurate, objective value for the entire business, and go to market with pricing and strategy that reflects true worth.

Many business owners are not only professionally invested in their companies, but have worked to build them up for decades in some cases, and have developed a personal attachment to their work. Unlike someone who works for another company and retires at sixty-five, the average business owner sells at seventy-one years of age, and has literally invested their life into their work.

Selling a business can be complex. You need to be a psychologist, a financial analyst, a great salesperson, and more. By the time we finish a deal, not only did we deal with the financials, the valuation, funding the transaction, educating the buyer and the seller, but we have also had to deal with the seller who has a tough time letting go. There were many strong emotional attachments and part of the issue with some sellers even after they have received full payment is that some still find themselves unhappy since they did not realize that the business was no longer be part of their life. Therefore, we also have to educate business sellers to start planning for life after the sale, as some can become a disruption to the new owners of the business since they mentally did not prepare themselves that we will be able to finalize sale of their business that quickly.

Furthermore, it is very important for business sellers to gather all the required documents necessary for sale. Since we have a qualified buyers and they do not want to review the business fully it makes major financial commitments along with time unless all legal documents of the business are in proper legal order. Otherwise, we are unable to present the business to our buyers with full confidence with missing documents, since this can delay a sale for finalization by months, as time is money for the buyers. Further, we only work on an exclusive listing basis and not waste time of the seller or buyer.

Entrusted with helping business owners find the right buyer, Sunbelt maintains professionalism and the utmost discretion throughout the entire process of packaging a company for sale. Working confidentially, Sunbelt does not disclose the name of any business for sale to anyone, unless the prospect buyer already signed a non-disclosure agreement.

Taking the process seriously, the highly trained team at Sunbelt will ask potential buyers for their net worth, aspirations, passions, skills and more to match them with a business that is the right fit.

For Philippines owners, selling a business through anyone else can be risky for a number of reasons. Some less than reputable organizations or individuals value a business at two to three times its actual worth, with the result that the business never sells.

Ultimately, the goal of a successful business owner is not to keep working into old age, but to retire, spend time with family, and transition their companies, processes, staff and systems to new ownership. Currently large number of business owners of Philippines children who have grown up, graduated from college are pursuing different professional careers rather than join family business as this has also created situations for current owners to sell the business as we see many companies contacting us with this situation.

For anyone interested in selling or buying a business in Philippines, Sunbelts highly trained team is available to make this process as smooth as possible. Realizing that many who come to Sunbelt are first-time buyers, company staff will help educate them and guide them step-by-step through locating, valuing, financing, and purchasing a privately held business that is right for their needs.

Undergoing extensive training, many Sunbelt brokers are themselves former business owners, well-educated, almost all of them with first-hand experience. Most of our business brokers already been successful in their own businesses, and they do it because it is fun and exciting in making peoples dreams and goals come true.

Further we have a major advantage with qualified buyers in Philippines and worldwide with our own personal contacts. Further Sunbelts over 300 offices worldwide provides a unique base of fully qualified buyers.

The business brokerage is much tougher in Philippines than in the US because in the United States, the average transaction is 80% owner financed and in only about 20% of transactions, the owner has to put down cash. In Philippines, almost 100% of the transactions have to be paid in cash.

To help potential buyers, we now have Banks available willing to loan funds on operating business operations with at least a 3-year history along with some collateral from the buyer.

-Julie: Are most of your customers foreigners in terms of business brokerage?

-Bill: 40% foreign, 60% Philippines.

-Julie: Obviously you work with many foreigners doing business here in Philippines. Which industries are profitable and who is doing well?

-Bill: F&B, (Food & Beverage) and tourism related businesses have always and will always be strong in Philippines. Recent trends also include consulting services, technology, hotels, resorts, franchises & website platform development. Anything that has to do with software development. Consultants have also done well in IT as there are a lot of foreigners in this industry.

As we get ready to start operations based on word of mouth only, we have had substantial interest in business owners from various parts of the country to have their business listed with Sunbelt Philippines. Currently we are reviewing them to see if they will be good prospects for our buyers in Philippines and on Global basis.

Few of the current business operations, we are in final stages of review for approving them to be listed with Sunbelt Business Brokers Philippines range from Automobile Dealerships, Private Island, Commercial Beach front locations, Hotels, Major commercial Bank, Malls, Night Clubs, KTV Bars, Call Centers, Major Fast food Franchise brands , IT Companies among others.

-Julie: Are there any industries where the opposite may be true, where foreigners seem to struggle, not do so well, or face issues that make running a business difficult.

-Bill: Real estate brokerage has been a very tough industry. Many of them are showing losses. Food and beverage can be challenging, but if it is done properly, you can be very successful. We see Remax Real Estate Brokerage firm, Worlds Largest with over 20 franchised offices in Philippines making a major impact with the way, real estate is sold and bought in Philippines. Previously developers had only their own team as now that is starting to change with Remax Philippines.

In Metro Manila, mostly the developers have been very successful with excellent projects with ongoing growth expanding to other areas of the country with the current government limiting more development permits in Metro manila area so growth can take place in other areas of Philippines. Further infrastructure projects are going to be very big for the country as population expands. Will see more highways, railroads, airports around the country growing at a fast pace.

Many locally developed franchises have done well and have asked us to review for them expanding to other countries of the world where there is a large base of OFWs to have name recognition.

We are seeing major growth in the provinces of the country with over $25 Billion dollars annually coming back to Philippines from remittances.

Now lots of OFWs and Expats want to return to Philippines and invest wisely to have their own business operations, rather than just sending money back home to relatives or friends to invest for them, which most of the time has turned out not good.

-Julie: What are the problems businesses face here? What about Mafia interests?

-Bill: In most developing countries, there are some form of under the table demands of business owners. However, Philippines is moving in a positive direction to provide a fair avenue for business owners to be able to operate their business in a professional manner as current government is putting new rules in place by increasing government workers salaries so there is less demand for them to make money from business owners.

We never had to pay anything under the table or be involved in anything like that nor been approached.

I think you must also not think that doing business is going to be easier in Philippines than in your own country. If anything, it is going to be tougher because in your own country if you have questions about anything, you can just pick up the phone and ask the authorities or whoever knows the answer.

In Philippines, you do not have business associations who can help so pretty much you have to start everything from scratch and you have to work harder. Moreover, if you do not understand that you are going to be frustrated to the point that you think there is no way you are going to be successful in Philippines. In addition, I think what makes us successful, is our ability to identify niche markets or demand. We chose to be in this business.

Also, as in any foreign country there is always going to be an initial culture shock that you need to overcome. With patience, and perseverance you have a good mixture of coping with problems in Philippines. Once you put the time and hard work into something to get it running smoothly then running a business is not that much different to anywhere else?

-Julie: How is the local staff compared to foreign expats?

-Bill: We have been very fortunate, as our local staff has been excellent. This may have been due to our positive outlook in treating all with respect regardless of their position & providing ongoing development, training along with clear path for growing within the company by acquiring new skills for advancement. In addition, the English language in Philippines, good educational system provides a solid base for selection, as most are very good with customer service. This has enabled the country to export talent to all over the world. Further majority of the workers are now from Philippines in the Middle East due to their good customer service and attitude towards learning and improving.

-Julie: What’s the story with foreign ownership of a business in Philippines, in simple terms? Can we, as foreigners, own a business here or does it have to be majority Philippines citizens?

-Bill: Well we deal a lot with foreigners that own a business 100%. Per local laws, it depends on the type of industry as to the percentage amount a foreigner can own.

-Julie: Many people start a business simply as a way to keep busy while in Philippines. Do you think this is a good idea?

-Bill: Many people get into business not just for the money. It might be because of pride of ownership, they want freedom or maybe they just wanted something to do. There have been many surveys around the world about why people own a business. Many might be surprised to know that making money can be number 5 or 6, depending which survey you read. Many think it would be number one.

People have different reasons. If making money were not your primary goal, I would not say that these businesses are a failure. As you know many people who have done well in business here but on the other hand there are others who have not done so well. Owning a business can have a high degree of risk. We require any prospective buyer to sign this to get additional information. Business certainly is not for everyone. But for some they will find excellent opportunities in Philippines.

Julie: How has the business environment changed in Philippines over the several years you’ve been operating here?

Bill: Current administration has many ongoing proposals, which implemented to make business ownership or starting a new business easier. This current administration is making huge strides in this area so they can soon compete with countries such as, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, where it is possible to open a business within a few days.

-Julie: If you could give a few pieces of key advice to Westerners doing business in Philippines, what would they be?

-Bill: Be patient, be diligent and follow up, never assume anything no matter how many times you have told someone to do it before. Even if they have done it, right 5 or 6 times, time number 7 you still need to follow up! Things should done on how you wanted it.

Make sure you set up your company structure properly to protect your interests.

If you would not do it in your home country, do not do it here. The money you save by taking shortcuts in the beginning are eclipse by what you lose in the end. Follow local laws, rules and show the necessary respect to all.

I will give you some advice that does not matter if you are in Philippines or in US. Many times I have asked business owners why they were successful, many of them said that they put themselves in the customer’s eyes and did what they would have wanted if they were on the other side as the customer.

They had the passion. The passion is what is going to get you through the ups and downs. We have been lucky in business but hard work and passion has helped. If you enjoy what you’re doing, you have to have that passion and the commitment.

-Julie: What are your plans for the future?

-Bill: Currently as Chairman of Guillys Night Club, Guillys located in Tomas Morato, QC, Philippines is a 12 years old operating club, one of the most ongoing successful clubs in the country as its full 7 days a week. Most clubs go out of business after 2/3 years of operation. Guillys di

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By Patrick Winchester

Motor carriers must insure their fleets. That is a stone cold fact. Freight employers must do this for two basic reasons. First of all these companies want to protect their money and assets. The wrong lawsuit can destroy a company, and driving is always a risky business. Without proper commercial truck insurance, a company opens itself up to being slammed with lawsuits in the event of any accidents which are statistically bound to happen anyways. Secondly, federal and state regulations require employers of truck drivers to be in compliance with certain insurance coverages. These requirements vary from state to state.

The amount of coverage as well as the specific type of coverage needed will vary from business to business, and driver to driver. Many specific types of truck insurance exist to provide coverage for all types of drivers and situations. All motor carriers, however, should consider the following options:

General Freight

General freight insurance covers youre a cargo for a specified dollar amount agreed upon by you and your insurance carrier. A deductible payment may also be required. Companies with large fleets of trucks all under their command need a policy like this to cover the costs associated with lost, damaged, or stolen cargo. Paying for a truckload of anything is going to be expensive. General freight insurance makes sure that no is stuck paying for all the cargo if something unfortunate happens.


General Liability

Trucking companies need general liability coverage to protect company employees and vehicles by covering costs associated with damages and injuries caused by other drivers. It can also help to protect against lawsuits brought on by accident victims seeking compensation from the company. This is a broad policy that generally shelters companies and employers from lawsuits involving accidents.

Primary Liability

These policies cover damage and medical costs to other drivers involved in accidents with truck drivers. This type of insurance coverage protects the driver from being held liable for the costs, hence the term liability coverage. Damage to the truck or truck driver is not covered without additional coverage, such as physical damage insurance.

This is also legally required by federal regulations for all commercial trucks. It is not option purchase primary liability insurance. Driving without primary liability coverage puts you and drivers around you at financial risk, because no one is going to be able to pay for damages. Unless you have a wallet the size of a bread box to pay for it all, you need primary liability coverage.

Cargo Insurance

Separate commercial truck insurance may be needed if you are a motor carrier who regularly hauls hazardous or time-sensitive goods. If you break an item in a store, you have to pay for it. If something happens to the cargo, someone is going to be held responsible and no one wants to pay for a truckload of anything.

Trailer Interchange Insurance

Many motor carriers participate in trailer interchange agreements with each other, wherein drivers swap trailers and they complete each others hauls. This is done to save both companies money. Once the trailers are swapped, they are no longer covered under the drivers policy, and trailer interchange insurance is needed.

About the Author: Patrick Winchester is a freelance writer with

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expertise. Need to save on

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By Attorney Gabriel Cosh

A trip to the shopping malls, department stores, and shops has been a constant relief for a lot of people, especially for women. The mere sight of a newly designed shoe, or a fashion top would actually induce a lady customer to buy such an item notwithstanding the unreasonable price of the item. This has made malls, shopping centers, and department stores successful enterprises in our present time.

Malls are considered as a continuing welcome for the public. Thousands of customers visit these shopping malls on a regular basis. Lady customers frequent malls not only to shop for new clothing items. They also visit malls to get pampered by getting new haircuts, hair colors, get their nails done and even go for massages.

Malls are considered open area for people who have needs and wants that they would like to satisfy. If however, instead of quenching their needs, they sustain injuries while inside shopping malls for any reason whatsoever, shopping mall owners could be made liable for premise liability.


Mall owners owe the public a high responsibility of care. They should keep their establishments safe from dangerous conditions that could be brought about by negligence and violations of building codes and state regulations. They know or ought to know that huge number of people frequent their establishment everyday. Hence, a degree of care imposed upon a private property owner just cannot do.

Mall owners must be more vigilant in making sure that their establishment are well kept and properly maintained, especially since they are in the business of earning profits. They are, in reality, responsible for the public being there. It is their intention to lead and entice the public to visit their stores. Hence, they are actively responsible for any injuries sustained by a shopper due to slip and falls or trip and falls and other premise liability injury occurrences.

People suffering injuries brought about by a slip and fall accident sustained in a mall or a shopping center is not news anymore to the public. It has become a common occurrence that some mall owners even have contingencies for such premise liability claims. These premise liability cases are usually the result of a slippery surface, or substance that has been spilled on an area within the store’s premises. Others are due to cracks and breaks in the floors or failure to maintain stairs, escalators or elevators.

Like in any other negligence cases, the person who caused the injury through lack of care or foresight should be made to pay. Same goes with premise liability. Mall owners are liable for injuries due to their failure to exercise due care and foresight mandated to them due to the nature of their business and because of the use of their properties.

If you are a victim of a premise liability while inside a shopping area and you received injuries than your most wanted commercial item, you are assured that you have a claim against these commercial giants for any damages because of the accident.

About the Author: Our Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyers at

specialize in handling slip and fall accident cases.


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By Rita Henry

There’s a lot more to the music industry than standing up on stage and singing your heart out. A love of music is a key ingredient in all jobs in the music industry – but we all show our love in different ways. Not all jobs in the music industry are about performing. If you’re interested in making music a part of your working life, there are interesting jobs in the music industry that make use of the skills that you have.

What sort of jobs can you find in the music industry? Everyone knows about musicians and performers, or course, but there’s an entire industry devoted to supporting, producing, teaching, publicizing and supporting performers. If you’re looking for jobs in the music industry, here are just some of the careers you might consider.

Music Teacher

A music teacher may work in a public or private school, have a job with a social agency that offers enrichment, or give private lessons. According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook, 3 in 10 music teachers are self-employed, and many music teachers only teach part time. There were about 253,000 music teacher jobs in 2004, but that number is expected to grow faster than jobs in other industries as baby boomers continue to embrace lifelong learning. The median salary for a music teacher is $14.85 per hour.


Music Ministry

A music minister is far more than the Church organist. Under the direction of a senior clergyman, a music minister may organize the choir, participate in planning of musical events for a church, encourage attendance in church and help parishioners develop and present their own musical worship and praise. The American Guild of Organists offers salary guidelines for Music Ministers that range from $31,000 for a minister with a Service Playing Certificate to $67,000 for a music minister with a Doctorate in Sacred Organ Music.

A&R Scouts, Coordinators and Administrators

If you have a good ear for music and a good grasp of what people like to hear, you could find a career in the A&R (Artists & Repertoire) area. Among the most fun jobs in the music industry, A&R scouts and other professionals actively seek out talent for record labels and production companies. A&R scouts visit clubs and concerts, listen to demo tapes and watch videos to find new talent, and are often responsible for finding songs for existing talent to perform.

Music Therapist

Do you believe in the healing power of music? Music therapists work either independently or in nursing homes, schools and other institutions to use music as an aid to healing, bring enjoyment to patients at varying stages of recovery, relieve pain and provide emotional comfort to patients with various physical and emotional illnesses. For a musician who wants to feel good about his or her work, it could be among the most rewarding of jobs in the music industry.


From freelance to staff songwriting positions, there are many jobs in the music industry for songwriters. You may work alone to write and produce your own songs, work as a staff writer for a record or publishing company, write jingles and ads for the radio or television advertisements, perform your own work in front of an audience or never sing a note. You may write just the words, please, concentrate on the composition of instrumental pieces or write both.

These are just a small sampling of the kinds of jobs you might find in the music industry. For more information, you can take a look at the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Outlook Handbook. A career in the music industry can offer far more than a weekly salary. If you enjoy music, can write, play or perform music, or just know music inside out, then you may find your career niche in one of the many jobs in the music industry.

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