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Friday, August 25, 2006

Residents in the city of Port Harcourt said that Nigerian troops burnt down hundreds of slum dwellings, allegedly as reprisal after an Army sergeant was killed in Thursday’s abduction of oil workers in the area.

Residents told news agencies that troops poured petrol over slum houses located near a compound belonging to Saipem, a subsidiary of Italian oil company Eni, and set them alight. The fires have reportedly destroyed hundreds of homes and shops and hundreds of people are said to have fled from the area. On Friday, people returning to the area and onlookers were chased away by soldiers.

Speaking to the Associated Press, Army Brigadier General Samuel Salihu denied that Nigerian troops were responsible for the arson. He said that militants active in the area had set the fires, wearing Army camouflage.

On Thursday, oil workers were kidnapped from a bar near the slums by armed men who shot dead an Army soldier guarding the workers, and injured another soldier. Nigerian military sources said at least two foreign oil workers were missing, one of them, Italian. The Italian foreign ministry, though, said that three foreigners were missing.

The oil-rich Niger Delta region has witnessed a spate of kidnappings recently. Nineteen people were held captive in eight separate abductions this month. All but three of them have been released since, some after the state government and the oil companies paid a ransom.

The Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND), a militant group which has taken hostages and attacked oil facilities, but says it does not kidnap for ransom, said in a statement that it the state government has encouraged such abductions by paying ransoms.

Last week, as part of a tougher line adopted by the Nigerian government, President Obasanjo sent in the Army, with orders to use “force for force” against militants in the region. Over 160 people were taken into custody in a two day crackdown, including over 100 from a nearby slum, but most have been released since then.

The BBC’s Alex Last reports that local leaders and oil companies are concerned that this new tough policy will increase tensions in the region.

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The Ubiquitous Cell Phone

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In today`s world, the number of people using cellular phones (telefone celular) run into millions; and it is no wonder, since it is such a wonderful gadget – with a cellular phone, you can easily talk to anyone on this planet, from just about anywhere!

In earlier times, people would install radio telephones in their cars if they needed mobile communications badly. In this system, there would be a single central antenna tower in each city, and about 25 channels would be available. So not many people could use radio telephones, as the number of channels available were so few.

With the present day cellular system, a city has been divided into small cells. So extensive frequency reuse is possible across the city, making it possible for millions of people to use their cellular phones at the same time.


This small device, tiny enough to be carried within one`s fist, has become the craze of the age. No other single electronic device has acquired as much popularity within such a short span of time. The phenomenal development in cellular phone technology and its unprecedented demand has led to a continuous supply of new cellular phones (telefone celular). The leading phone manufacturers are continuously providing new phone models to mobile crazy groups, with petite looks, cute shapes and dazzling colors, and these have been enriched with fashionable designs and multiple functionalities. For some people, carrying the latest cellular phone handset has become a fashion statement.

The other striking thing about cellular phones (telefone celular) is their easy availability. While there are costly high-end cellular phones for the rich, medium range and cheap cellular phones have also become widely available.

The array of functions the cellular phone (telefone celular) provides today is astonishing, and more and more new ones are being added all the time. Depending on the model of cell phone you are using, you can: store contact information; make to-do lists; set reminders and track appointments; do simple math on the calculator; send or receive email; get news, stock quotes, entertainment from the Internet; watch TV, play games, take pictures, send text messages; integrate devices like MP3 players.

Camera phones have become hugely popular, and these days it has almost become a standard feature in the latest models. With a camera phone, you can take and share high quality pictures. Indeed, camera phones are now driving the cellular phone market. Camera phones (telefone celular) are becoming the favorites of people interested in photography; these are not only user friendly, they are also more handy for capturing unanticipated moments of surprise. Along with a camera, there are features like the ability to email or send pictures, store a large number of pictures in the memory, set them as wallpaper and many more.

Since cell phones are around us all the time, and so many people are absorbed in private conversations in every possible place, cell phone users should follow some basic rules and good manners. So it is in order to remind users to always put their cellular phone on mute during meetings, public performances and in public places like elevators, libraries, museums, restaurants, theaters etc.

The ring tone should be pleasing to the ears and not jangle on the nerves of the people around. One should always speak softly and never talk loudly on the cell phone, and always excuse oneself before taking a call. Do not interrupt a face to face conversation to take a call, unless you are anticipating an emergency. Use the hands free device while you are driving.

Also, respect the personal space of other people and keep at least ten feet of space away from people when you are speaking on your cell phone (telefone celular).

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Leather Re-coloring

There is no reason to leave that discolored leather jacket at home if you are willing to spend a modest amount for a simple, leather repair kit. A variety of quality kits which include easy directions can keep you from spending more on re-coloring than you did on the leather item itself. Although it sometimes takes a few attempts, even the most unusual shades of leather can be matched with the right kit. Directions in an easy-to-use kit should include a color chart which will help you mix the shade to match your leather item, and clear explanations of how much color is included in each bottle.

Coloring Leather

Color is not the only thing to look for in a good repair kit. The area to be repaired, if not the entire piece, should be properly prepped with a professional cleaner made for the kind of leather you own. The kit should note whether it can be used for non-protected or non-treated leather, like aniline, or if it is strictly for previously protected leather.


A problem with color often means there is a stain or rip issue as well. Check to see if the kit includes all of the compound, sub-patch material, applicators, cleaners and conditioners that you are going to need to make a complete and professional-looking repair. Special extras which may be nice to have in a kit are sprays which reduce the appearance of brush marks after re-coloring, or ones which produce various, grainy textures.

Finding or mixing the right color can often be the most challenging aspect of doing leather re-coloring at home. Sometimes it takes a few tries to get it right, so see if there is a convenient, less visible part of the item which you can test out first.

Often a kit can be personalized. All of the items that you need are in the kit, along with an exact, premixed color. Some shades are being manufactured to match specific clothing, furniture or automobile interiors.

If the color of your leather interior is unmatchable in the default selections, then try furniture or even clothing colors. Some people prefer re-coloring kits which include a spectrum of colors, so they can test the combinations to find the perfect shade.

Liquid Leather Repair Kits

Liquid leather repair kits are another option. They produce the same result as traditional kits, but typically use a heating tool to bind the leather-like paper to the damaged area. There are also no-heat liquid kits.

These kits tend to be a little less expensive than the standard re-coloring kits. A benefit to using the liquid leather is that it takes less time to finish the job. You spend less time waiting for coats to dry than you would with the standard leather repair kits. Again, an area should be tested first, especially if there is antique or delicate leather involved.

Whether a liquid leather or traditional leather repair kit is used, the most important thing is that it includes everything that you will need, and in the right amounts.

Part of what is needed for successful leather repair, is concise directions. Directions for each bottle, tool, patch, cloth, color and applicator should be included. There should be a color chart which describes how much to mix of each color.

Spending a bit more on a simple-to-use repair kit will ensure that you can reproduce and match the texture and color of your leather as much as possible. Having too much product to do your re-coloring is better than not having enough, so make sure that your $15 to $60 investment supplies you with enough get your re-coloring project done, and perhaps one in the future as well.

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Penny Lucas is running for the Progressive Conservative in the Ontario provincial election, in the Kenora-Rainy River riding. Wikinews’ Nick Moreau interviewed regarding her values, her experience, and her campaign.

Stay tuned for further interviews; every candidate from every party is eligible, and will be contacted. Expect interviews from Liberals, Progressive Conservatives, New Democratic Party members, Ontario Greens, as well as members from the Family Coalition, Freedom, Communist, Libertarian, and Confederation of Regions parties, as well as independents.

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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The closure of a mathematics summer camp in ?irince, ?zmir, Turkey by Turkish authorities has drawn scorn from scientists around the world.

Professor Alexandre Borovik, who organized some of the opposition, said “We are shocked to learn that the Summer School of Mathematics initiated by Professor Ali Nesin was shut down by local authorities. We found it surprising that such an esteemed mathematician such as Professor Nesin needs a specific permit each time he wants to teach math, as we saw that one of the reasons for shutting the camp down was the lack of such a permit, especially considering how this contradicts the fact that the summer schools organized every year by Professor Nesin are sponsored by The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜB?TAK), Turkish Mathematics Association and many respected Turkish universities.”

The school was reopened on August 10, 2007; however, Ali Nesin still faces charges under Turkish criminal code article TCK 263, which reads “Persons who open or run illegal educational institutions can be jailed from 3 months to 1 year.”

Ali Nesin is the son of the famous Turkish humorist Aziz Nesin.

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Erica Powell, Nkrumah’s private secretary dies

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Monday, July 16, 2007

Erica Powell OBE, who was the Private Secretary to Kwame Nkrumah, President of Ghana and later to Siaka Stevens, President of Sierra Leone, died last month at the age of 86. She died at Peterborough on June 5, 2007. She was made an MBE in 1958 and OBE in 1960.

Erica was born on March 15, 1921 at Brighton in Sussex England into a middle class family. She trained as a secretary and then as a teacher. She worked with Barclays Bank during World War II. She was the top candidate in the 1940 London Chamber of Commerce Shorthand and Typewriting exams.

In February 1952, the Crown Agents for the Colonies offered her the position of “Private Secretary (Female)/Gold Coast” which later became the title of her autobiography. She ended up working as the Private Secretary to the Governor of the Gold Coast, Sir Charles Arden-Clarke. While working for the Governor, she became a close friend and confidant of Kwame Nkrumah, then bidding for Ghana’s independence from the United Kingdom. Her closeness to Nkrumah led to her being dismissed in 1954 and being sent back to the UK.

Powell returned in January 1955 to work for Kwame Nkrumah, a position she held till 1965, a year before his overthrow. Her close relationship and loyalty to Nkrumah bred a lot of rumours both in Ghana and the UK. It also brought a lot of resentment from various quarters. She kept in contact with Nkrumah while he was in exile in Guinea until his death in April, 1972.

She later worked for Siaka Stevens as his private secretary from 1970 to 1979. She attended Nkrumah’s funeral in 1972 as part of the official Sierra Leone delegation.

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Bigger is better, right?Well, youll get quite an argument on that statement if you make it in amongst a group of HO Train buffs. In fact, you might even wind up with more than just a verbal chastising over the affronted statement. You might even get hold of a violent type that will take real issue with the statement.What really makes this style of train a huge success is the smallness of size. You can literally get more for your money in a smaller space so with people who live in an apartment but long for that train from days gone by, you can set up the entire thing with scenery and trestles and bridges and fake cows in less room than you could set up an old O gauge set. Not only that, but the attention to detail is there and they are just cool.Ok, so aside from the size, what else makes them a neat thing to own? An HO Train also allows you to buy into the hobby for a LOT less than the investment needed for a larger gauge set. You can buy your parts and pieces a little at a time as finances allow which in todays economy is a blessing of its self.The main difference is going to be in the size requirements and the amount of detail you can see, an HO Train is a scale of 1:87 whereas an O gauge train is s fractional scale of 1:48, nearly TWICE the size so exponentially, twice the room needed to setup and operate and the price of the components will go up as well. Next you have to make the distinction between toy trains and model trains.Whats that you say? They are smaller versions of the real thing and thus they have to be classified as toys, right? Wrong my steam engine friend. That is another one of those statements that will get you into a nice bout of fisticuffs if you say it in the wrong set of folks.By definition, a toy train is a manufactured representation of the real thing without much attention to actual scale dynamics while a model train is something that has tons of attention to make sure that it is brought down in scale so that everything is truly proportional to the larger real object. In a toy train, they get it close enough to fool the everyday person that wants a train. In a model train, the get it right so if you get a micrometer on it and then dig out the abacus and figure it out, the whole thing works when its done.Is all that REALLY important you ask? Well, if you are wanting to get into the HO Train arena and are researching it, thus finding this article, I think that should be answer enough for you. Yes, the toy train will be good and a representation and considerably cheaper than getting into a model train. But then again, are you looking for just something to play with or are you looking to start a life long hobby? The answer lies within your head and only you can answer that one.


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Tuesday, February 1, 2005

Feel free to use the Wikimedia sites to solve our Wikinews crossword (Please do not fill it out online as it would spoil it for other people, print it out and fill it in at you own leisure!)

If you like, you can follow the instructions on Crosswords/Across Lite to download and solve today’s crossword on your computer.

Today’s crossword in Across Lite TEXT format (warning – contains answers!).
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Monday, January 31, 2005

New York, USA — Students and professors at New York‘s Hamilton College have raised protests over an invitation to the controversial ethics professor, Ward Churchill, to participate in a panel at the college. The main objection is related to comments by Mr. Churchill, chairman of the ethnic studies from the University of Colorado, who in a paper written after the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center in New York, compared the victims of the attack to “little Eichmanns“.

Churchill’s paper, entitled “Some People Push Back”, charges that all American citizens are complicit in the “genocide of 500,000 Iraqi children,” which he maintains occurred during the Gulf War as a direct result of military actions and the destruction of infrastructure and the water supply. Due to their inaction and empowerment of the American government, he compares American citizens to “Good Germans.” He also charges that the inhabitants of the targets of attack, namely the Pentagon and World Trade Center, have a dubious claim to the title “Innocent Civilians,” as the Pentagon was a military target and the WTC was home to many who he alleges profited from the Iraqi Genocide.

Administrators defended Professor Churchill’s appearance despite the fact that some considered his views repugnant and disparaging.

According to Hamilton College spokesman Michael DeBraggio: “Hamilton, like any institution committed to the free exchange of ideas, invites to its campus people of diverse opinions, often controversial.”

The University of Colorado’s Interim Chancellor Phil Distefano said in a statement:”I wish to make it clear that Professor Ward Churchill’s views of the events of 9/11 are his own and do not represent the views of University of Colorado faculty, staff, students, administration or Regents. While I may personally find his views offensive, I also must support his right as an American citizen to hold and express his views, no matter how repugnant, as guaranteed by the First Amendment of the Constitution.”

The professor’s opinions divided New York’s Hamilton College, where Churchill is scheduled to speak. Jessica Miraglia, a student at Hamilton, created a poster defending the professor reading “You don’t have to agree with them in order to learn from them.”. Sophomore Matt Coppo, who lost his father in the World Trade Center attacks was angered over the invitation to Churchill. “Knowing that I’m paying for a person to disrespect my father, it doesn’t go over too well in my mind.”

Two congressmen from Colorado asked professor Churchill to apologize for comparing victims of the 9/11 World Trade Center attack to Nazis. Professor Churchill has said that he will not back off his statement.

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In this modern world, people are going cashless, to an extent you’ve never seen before. If you are not enjoying thebenefits of digital payment apps, you’re actually falling behind times. Pretty much everyone is using e-wallet mobile apps or online payment gateway models for their daily transactions. The reason for this is that these apps provide a secure, easy and fast environment for online payments. this article will cover the best practices to ensure eWallet security.

Looking back just a decade ago, people used to wait in the queue at ATM’s to deposit or withdraw their money. But, nowadays, people prefer using e-wallet mobile apps for easy transactions to avoid the advantage of instantaneous transactions with convenience. Not only the users that are adopting e-wallet technology in their droves, but now also the business owners are joining in with plans to integrate gateway payment solutions into their own business offerings.

Many are predicting that the concept of Fintech, eWallet and other payment apps influenced by technologies like NFC, blockchain, QR codes and so on, are going to own the market in upcoming years. So read this blog until the end if you want to know more about the top eWallet solutions, along with the features and average cost.

Technologies For eWallet Security

There are various powerful technologies or solutions which can be implemented into eWallet applications. These solutions make the app more secure, easy and reliable to users. The most common technologies used ineWallet Mobile Appsare mentioned below.

NFC Technology

The NFC or Near Field Communication allows users to transfer funds without sharing the contact details. This technology deals with easy data exchange between closely located devices. NFC allows users to make payments directly with their smartphone – instead of payment cards. Some of the successful examples of NFC are Samsung Pay and Apple Pay. In addition to this, NFC also allows the transferring of funds by simply touching one smartphone to another smartphone.

Bluetooth or Beacon Technology

These allow you to identify nearby devices that you can make a payment to. This a very fast and secure technology to use for transferring funds digitally. You can transfer funds to other users who are close to you or who are in the prescribed transfer range.


Digital wallets integrated with blockchain technology are extremely safe, secure and immutable when compared to other solutions. This technology is preferred mostly by financial organizations and government agencies due to the high level of security associated with blockchain. Blockchain is also very enticing to these large organizations due to the extra features that blockchain technology offers, such as decentralization and being able to offer tokens.

QR Codes

QR Codes are generally used for making payments or transferring funds to other members of the public. It is also used to make payments with contacts that are not saved in the user’s phone already. For making a payment, users just have to scan the QR code of the receiver. This technology is one of the smoothest and most simplified ways of making payments.