How to Find Peace and Happiness


cartier1mHow to Find Peace and Happiness

You’ll have to lift your head from what you’re doing to deal with those around you in the midweek. It’s not just facts and figures, you need financial planning and a bit of vision, so seek them out! The business of business or the trial of traffic could give you a headache in the midweek. wednesday’s sunrise will bring a development or an outburst of emotion with professional dealings. The midweek will test your mettle and you may have to work to avoid a clash of some kind, career wise or with the public. You may need to negotiate a position or resolve an old concern. Sunday is the day to do everything together in a soppy and romantic fashion. That will leave the weekend free to get out there and have a little Bob Newhart style fun!.

Love and Other Four-Letter Words

Finance is on the table and there’ll be heated discussion with a partner or close associate. You may deal with people over small financial matters. You’ll need to move in or around the fussiness or feistiness of others, as you get on with business or pleasure. There’ll be dealings with minor fiscal officials. There’ll be an increase with communications or activity in career or professional dealings Sudden change may affect close associates or home life. Time out for a favourite indulgence with your loved one will be the perfect cure. In the midweek, you’ll be moody and inclined towards a lustful adventure in the boudoir with your loved one. Swap a confidence or two. Work or health will feature and it’s the details that count. It’s Water Bearers on the move! Apply a cold compress and hunker down with your loved one on Sunday. You may have to negotiate. You may head ‘up market’ or for a swanky evening out.

Rather adopt a scorched earth policy than give an inch?

Travel or communications will get the weeks underway at pace. Get into the groove with your loved one at the start, doing the things you both enjoy and adding a touch of romance. Everything is a little topsy-turvy in the midweek and you might not remember who you’re seeing and why or when you’re seeing them. The weekend’s a passion pit. Be sure you know where you stand. There may just be good feelings and good food with like-minded people. Watch communication difficulties from fridays. Recline.

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