Acne is a common skin ailment amongst many people across age groups. Most of us dont know how to treat them properly and effectively. We fill focus on how to treat acne through homemade remedies and form acne mask. The common ingredients that would be recommended in this article can be easily found in your kitchen. There is no point in paying for expensive acne treatment. Suggested below are top 3 homemade acne remedies. Read on further to discover which mask will suit you.While many suffer from acne only a few are aware of acne treatments that help us reducing acne problems. With our simple to follow acne masks you can discover the benefits and ease of homemade remedies. The ingredients used are easily available in almost every kitchen. The top 3 acne masks are as below:-

  1. The Salt Mask This is one of the simplest and easiest ways to make homemade acne mask. In order to make it you require cooking salt or se salt and some water. Add water to the salt for 20 minutes. Apply the mask to acne spots and let it dry for 15-30 minutes. Salt helps in cleaning the skin and dries the acne spots which makes it a perfect remedy against acne scars. Another way to get rid of acne through this method is to swim in a sea. You can enjoy the natural sea water, rich in salt.
  2. Baking Soda Acne Mask Another handy homemade technique to fight against acne is to use a baking soda acne mask. You only need two simple ingredients for this mask Baking Soda acne and Water. First ensure that you clean the acne affected skin area with skin cleanser. After cleaning, mix water to the baking soda and apply the paste on acne spots. Leave the paste on for some 10-20 minutes and let it dry completely. You can do some leisure activities while it gets dried. Wash your face and clean it thoroughly. You will realize that your skin has become softer. However, the same remedy might not produce similar results for everyone. While some observe drastic improvements, some might observe gradual recovery or no recovery too. It would depend essentially on the skin type. If you find it suitable you can continue the course several times a week for 3-4 weeks and get rid of acne.
  3. Yogurt Mask If the above anti-acne masks were easy to prepare in home, here is another way to make an effective anti acne mask easily in home. It also needs two very simple ingredients- Yogurt and Honey. It does not require a lot of preparation! Take a teaspoon of Honey and heat it in a pan till it becomes soft and free flowing. If you have a dry skin type adding additional teaspoon is advisable. Then mix honey with one tablespoon if yogurt which is medium in fat. Dont use toned or low fat yogurt. Mix the ingredients well and let it stay for 2mins. Apply the paste on acne affected areas. Leave it for 10-30 minutes. Wash it and clean it properly. If this remedy suits you, use it for several weeks till the time you get rid off of them.

Adopt the natural homemade remedies and get rid of acne immediately. Choose a mask that would be best for your skin. You can switch over from one mask to the other if it is not effective. Give it some time 3 to 4 weeks are ample to discover if a type of mask is effective against acne.You can also discover some homemade creams which help in acne treatment. These are also made from natural ingredients and are not harmful to your skin.

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