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Submitted by: JD Arbuckle

New parking lots, walkways and paved surfaces look fabulous when they are new. The question is, how does a commercial property owner or manager keep those paved surfaces looking new? There are several options available through commercial paving companies in Minnesota and throughout the upper Midwest. The ideal way to find out what you can do is to contact your favorite asphalt and concrete company. Most commercial asphalt and concrete companies in Minnesota will offer several options that will help you keep your property appealing to potential renters and tenants, not to mention customers.

One of the options is to arrange for scheduled maintenance of your paved surfaces. Many asphalt and concrete companies in Minnesota offer this service, which is ideal for keeping up with damages and other factors that can impact the quality and look of your paved surfaces. Before the damage from weather, traffic and day-to-day wear and tear becomes a problem, the damages can be addressed when first detected, often avoiding long term damages that can cost a pretty penny to repair. Talk to your commercial asphalt and concrete company in Minnesota to arrange for scheduled inspections and minor repairs throughout the year.

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Ideally, to maintain your paved surfaces from the get-go, it is often recommended by asphalt and concrete companies in Minnesota to finish off the surface with sealcoat. Sealcoat is a final touch of asphalt emulsion sprayed or spread on a newly paved surface to seal and protect the pavement from an array of potentially damaging situations. Believe it or not, sunshine and its UV rays cause wear on blacktop just as traffic and weather does. Sealcoat protects the pavement from the elements, including UV rays. Interestingly, in addition to added protection, certain types of sealcoat actually increase traction for traffic.

In the upper Midwest, the weather poses specific problems for paved surfaces but the right sealcoat can provide a safer, more durable surface for vehicles in addition to protecting the blacktop from the damages caused by the frigid cold, ice and snow. Talk with any of the top commercial asphalt and concrete companies in Minnesota and they are likely to tell you the same thing. While one cannot completely avoid damages to commercial paved surfaces, one can provide a sealcoat to stave off day-to-day wear and tear for a period of time.

Of course, each situation is different. If you’re in need of some repairs and possible resurfacing of your commercial paved surfaces, it is recommended by nearly all commercial asphalt and concrete companies in Minnesota that you top it off with sealcoat. Your existing parking lot can be protected and have an aesthetically pleasing look by using sealcoat. Asphalt and concrete companies in Minnesota can perform the needed repairs, fill the cracks and patch the potholes then tidy up the whole deal with a protective and durable layer of sealcoat. Contact one of the many reputable and professional asphalt and concrete companies in Minnesota and learn just how affordable and beneficial sealcoat can be.

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Put Aside on Outside Lights and Believe Solar Lightings


Neha LiveIf you want to save on your energy bill then solar powered lights are a great substitute. You are almost certainly worried about the ever ever-increasing price of electricity to, this is a cost effective way of illuminating your home’s outdoor areas, and solar lighting is the answer. How does it work? The first versions of solar lighting use solar cells that did not produce ample power for a long period of time. As with everything solar lighting has evolved, newer technology uses LED (light emitting diode) lamps that offer much more powerful light that those using solar cells.Solar lights are not as commanding as electric powered fixtures; they are better used for outdoor decorative lighting. a quantity of places you can use them include walkways, landscape borders, patio and deck areas, as well as gardens. It’s important to have a well thought out plan before you begin, you can even do a quick sketch before hand so you have a suggestion of how to place the lamps. Solar light fixtures work off of the energy of the sun. These exterior lights in point of fact collect energy from the sun, through solar cell panels. When night falls these lights illuminate by releasing the solar energy, which in return give your exterior areas light. These panels use NiCad or NiMH re-chargeable batteries to store the battery power collected from the sun.Why are solar powered lights so popular, besides the savings on your electricity? Unlike regular landscape lighting, that needs a professional electrician to do all the work, solar powered lamps can be installed by anyone. It also is fast and takes no time to do. Put the post into the ground and you’re done. But remember to place the light fixtures in an area that has a lot of sunlight. A tip on generating the most amount of power possible from your solar lamp is to place them in an area that receives lots of natural sunlight. The more sun than hits the solar panel the more power the lamp will give off at night. And don’t worry about the lights turning on in the daylight, these outdoor lights have built-in photo sensors, this feature enables the lamp to automatically shut off in the daylight hours. Typically you can expect about 9 hours of light per night.Some types of solar outdoor lighting that you can install to illuminate your landscape and garden areas include, solar spotlights, patio lights, and path lights for walkways. If you are looking for a powerful light source for your home’s outdoor areas, then choose an electric powered fixture. If you want accent lighting in your garden or landscape that offers a soft glow, then this maybe what you are looking for.

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Whether you are listing your home for sale, or just have a young child in the household, there are a few things to consider in placement of certain furniture, electrical cords and precious breakables, including televisions and other electronic gadgetry. Many people don’t think about the damage a young child can do when they get in a living room with low placed breakables and exposed electronic buttons.

If you have an elaborate stereo system that is part of your home entertainment center, including DVD players, iPod docks, flat panel televisions and the hosts of remotes that come with them, just imagine all of the settings out of whack. That is what can happen when a young child is able to get their hands on remotes, buttons and levers that control various balances and modes. You might take days figuring out how to get your television to come on. This can be avoided with an entertainment center that has doors that close and units that are out of easy reach of young children.

When it comes to vases, candle holders and pictures in frames, these should be on mounted on walls, placed on higher shelves and put safely out of the reach of young children. If they are sentimental value items, you might consider a place that young visitors or your own young child would not likely be, such as high alcoves for decorative features.

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When it comes to electric outlets and the placement of items that require them, it is best if you position the furniture and electronics where they are in front of the outlets so that you don’t have cords stretching across the floors or walls unprotected. Not only do you have to worry about young children, but some pets like to chew on these and can get electrocuted. Try to consider the placement of lamps so that cords will run behind the couch, for example. On electronics, the entertainment center should be placed in front of the outlets, yet still reachable by you, but not young children.

Just because you have a young child in the household, or may be having some come visit is no excuse for the lower part of the room to be empty. You need to consider rounded corners on coffee tables or end tables, non-breakable centerpieces, like a wicker bowl with different colored wicker or vine balls, for example. These non-breakable items can accessorize your room and make it more comfortable, but it won’t be a disaster if a young child decides to throw it against the wall.

Another thing to consider if you have hardwood floors is that a large area rug can protect the floor from scratches and spills and give the children a play area to sit and watch television while they play with toys. You don’t have to make your living room unlivable when you have young children or are making plans to list your home, just make sure that non-breakable items are low and breakable ones or delicate electronics aren’t easily accessible. Watch out for furniture that has sharp corners and edges to protect the child from cutting their head open, should they trip and fall to make your living room childproof.

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Potted Plants A Perfect Gift To Your Friends And Family



Plants and trees play an important role in our life, not only that it is the source of food and medicine but it can also help brighten up our day. You can agree that trees and plants are nature s best costume. It colors the entire surroundings and brings a feeling of warmth and calmness to all of us. You even spend some money to have your own garden to somehow bring the beauty of nature right into your doorstop. It is pretty fascinating that some people may not be aware of the importance of plants to us. Maybe they are busy or they are not that very concern with the surroundings and all they want is to earn and work.

Well, nothing can be more fulfilling than you know how to sit and relax for a while and savor the goodness of life amidst the company of flowering plants and trees. That is why many people prefer to dine in some garden restaurant to feel the good ambiance of the place. Plants and flowers will just make your day complete and even receiving one can certainly make your day complete. In some cases, people prefer to order plants online and send it as a gift to their friends and love ones.

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Fortunately, there are now many potted plants you can order in the internet right now. There are potted roses, gardenia and even succulent plants available online that you may order and give as a gift to your family and love ones. It will be a unique gift to give for special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and even Christmas. The potted plants are better compare to buying bouquet of flowers that will wither in a matter of days. The potted plant means life and that they will always remember you every time they water and take care of your plant gift. It is a simple gift that signifies a lot of meaning.

Moreover, you can order the potted flowers anytime because flower plant delivery is available in a part of the country. You will be assured that your friends and love ones will receive you gift and of course with a sweet surprise in their faces. Being unique is a lot better now a day because you know how to appreciate things that can make you and people close to you very happy. Remember, it is always you that can make your life better so do not hesitate to try things that can bring simple but priceless happiness to you and your love ones as well.

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Business Continuity Planning (BCP) The Show Must Go On


Tom Bordon

Business Continuity Planning prepares an organization for the internal interruptions power failure, technical problems and external threats like natural calamities, supply chain problems and more.

BCP ensure that your organization has the backup of both hard and soft assets to prevent or recover from a crisis situation. It allows you to continuously deliver your products or services even under adverse conditions.

Vital steps of BCP:

Expect the Unexpected

Your business can get interrupted from a number of possible scenarios. Downtime resulting from natural calamities, like hurricane, fire or flood, or from internal issues like power outage, hardware failure, or any kind of human error, leads to decreased productivity and hence loss to the revenue.

While a CEO develops his disaster recovery strategy in advance, he should consider all possible downtime and disaster scenarios and should chalk out preventive measures for each.

For example, there should be a fire alarm system in the building along with sprinklers and other fire fighting equipments. There should be a timely checking and maintenance of the equipment to make sure they are working fine.

Conduct a Business Impact Analysis

Business impact analysis will help you develop the action plan you need to follow at the time of any structural or natural disaster. It involves three steps:

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1.You should know about your key product and services that bring you highest profits.

2.For these particular product and services, you should decide the duration you can stop delivering them.

3.Identify your critical inputs so that you can continue to offer your products and services.

Educate Your Manpower About BCP

Being the CEO of the company, you should ensure all your employees are aware of Business Continuity Planning. They should know exactly how to act in any kind of crisis situation. For example, conduct regular training sessions on BCP for your employees. Organize fire drills on fortnightly or monthly basis to help your staff stay proactive.

If you are running an IT company, maintain a reliable data storage system and encourage your staff to store the data in that system in order to prevent loss of data due to any technical problem.

Plan to Keep Your Manpower, Systems, and Information interconnected

The business continuity plans and strategies must cover information (data), systems (hardware and software), manpower, and processes (operations and services) along with their connectivity with each other. If the connectivity between workforce, and systems & data disrupts, there will be no business.

As part of thought and planning process, you should look for the best strategy to manage critical systems and components during bad times.

Be Ready With Continuity Strategies

You can continue to run your business effectively after disruption, if you give some forethought and develop efficient continuity strategies. These strategies may include:

Cross-training staff

Hiring equipment

Consider borrowing equipment

Having back-up equipment

Retaining old equipment at the time of replacement

Practicing manual processes as an alternative to computer systems

Keeping a track of alternative suppliers

Keeping copies of insurance policies, contracts and other valuable documents off-site

Review Your Plan

The needs of business keep on changing with the market. Review your business continuity plan every six months and make the necessary changes. Keep an extra copy of the plan at some other site.

You can also seek assistance in developing business continuity planning at executive business coaching. At CEO coaching, you will get to meet like-minded professionals from non-competitive organization who will share their good and bad business experiences. Knowledge sharing at a CEO peer group will help you define your strategies in a better way so that the show goes on in any condition.

Tom Bordon is a freelance writer who has extensively written about

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. His articles focus on guiding CEOs, COOs on how to manage their time efficiently and make new business plans, and strategies in a CEO association or CEO peer group.

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